Burning Love

Charlie reveals his BURNING feelings to Marv... but it doesn't go smoothly. Will they be able to KINDLE their passion for evermore, or will their love go up in FLAMES? A Charlie and Lola fanfic to ruin your childhood. Don't like, read it anyway. (Rated yellow for violence.)


5. Taking the Bullet

“Hey, I said get off me! What the hell are you doing?!”


Marv ignores me, his fingers interlaced so tightly with mine they’re white at the tips. I desperately try to untangle them but Marv holds on fast. He’d always had a really tight grip, like the time when we were 5ish and he stole my rubber and I just could not prise it out of his hand. I had to tickle him in the end, but I don’t think that would help me here.


What’s Jordan going to think? Jordan is the biggest, meanest kid I know, built like a tree trunk with a small scar on his forehead from when he was 6 and he had that fight with Mr Lance’s German Sheppard. The only time I ever saw him cry was when he got accused of knocking out Billy Carpenter with a tree branch at lunchtime. In the end everyone agreed Billy just slipped and he stopped.


“Marv! Get off me!”


“Come on Charlie. Quit struggling.” Marv doesn’t even look at me, he just keeps walking. Jordan’s seen the handholding. It’s too late.


“I mean it Marv. You’ve got to stop.”


Oh God. Jordan’s right there. I wonder if he’ll take a picture. I wonder how many people are going to see it. Maybe he’ll hit me. There aren’t any teachers outside because nobody ever stays outside this long. Even Lola has wandered off to lessons without me having to take her. We’re alone.


I hold Marv’s hand at arm’s length and pray for him to let go. “Please Marv. Stop it.”


Jordan’s shadow falls across me and I freeze, bracing for the blow.


“What do you think you’re doing?”


“N-n… Nothing. I-“


“Can’t you see he doesn’t like it?”


Jordan puts one hand on each of our wrists and pulls my hand free with unbelievable ease. I stare up at him in confusion.


“What’s it to you, Jordan?”


Jordan stiffens. “Don’t talk to me, you effin’ queer.”


“Charlie likes it, don’t you Charlie?”


“I, err, I…”


“Leave him alone! Are you okay Charlie?”


Jordan gives me a gentle push that sends me reeling towards English in the house block. He turns back to Marv.


“Leave it Jordan. We’re in love.”


I can’t see Jordan’s face. He takes one step towards Marv who’s beginning to tremble, his fingers twisting and untwisting in front of him.


“You know, love. That thing you wouldn’t recognise if it slapped you in the face.”


Jordan, with an idle flick of his wrist, sends Marv flying. He hits the floor with a painful jolt and stays there, looking up wide-eyed at his attacker. Jordan steps towards him, giving him a heavy kick.


“If I ever see you touching Charlie, or anyone, ever again,”


Marv scrambles to his feet and starts to back away, but Jordan grabs the front of his shirt and slams him against the wall.


“I will personally see to it that ‘love’ does slap you in the face. Repeatedly.” He presses his face right close to Marv’s. I can’t move.




Marv nods quickly.


Jordan lets go of him and turns to me, steering me gently towards the building. “Come on Charlie. Let’s go and tell everyone to keep away from that faggot. Oh, and don’t worry,”


He leans towards me knowingly.


“I won’t mention that picture. Honestly, that was just sick. I’ll see to it he doesn't bother you again.”


He looks at me expectantly.


“Thank you.”

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