Burning Love

Charlie reveals his BURNING feelings to Marv... but it doesn't go smoothly. Will they be able to KINDLE their passion for evermore, or will their love go up in FLAMES? A Charlie and Lola fanfic to ruin your childhood. Don't like, read it anyway. (Rated red for explicit violence in final chapter)


6. Behind Closed Doors

i didn't see marv for the rest of the day. i tried to find him at break and lunch but he was nowhere to be seen. my mind constantly drifted back until to crashed into what happened in the corridor earlier that day. marv looked in a terrible state. battered, bruised... all to protect me.

as the day wore on i got more and more anctus, had something else happened to him after i left? why did i leave? he got himself beaten up and i left him in a pile on the floor! what if something happened to him? he could have been knocked out! he could have DIED! no no that was a stupid thing to think. although if he hit his head hard enough, or if he lost too much blood, or....

about halfway through lunch time after i had circled the school five times once more i whent to find lola and lotta but to no avail. they didn't know where he was.

as soon as the final bell of the day had sounded i sprinted to the gate hoping to see him as he left the school. a constant flow of people exited the gate but none were marv. by this point i was tearing myself apart, quite literally. my hands grabbing at my hair as i frantically looked for marv. heart beating faster and faster untill i felt it clawing its way out of my chest! it stopped. i spotted jordan. did he do anything else to marv. i saw his hand come up to scratch behind his ear. wait was that Blood? no of course it wasn't. it was just the eye of the snake! my heart continued to gain speed.

i had been waiting for 15 minutes now. and as the last remaining students left my heart began to sink. no one was left inside the school. i span round and round looking everywhere, hands clamped to my head once more. oh no, oh no, oh no... i stopped suddenly facing the gate almost tripping myself up. LOLA! I completely forgot about her! so i sprinted into the school building once more.


i found her sitting on a desk happily chatting to her class teacher, who kept nodding at whatever she was saying. "i'm so sorry" i said as i stepped through the doorway. now i could see the whole room and lotta wasn't there. damit. the teacher looked up at me with annoyance pasted all over her face but i saw a bit of relief. "just come to get her on time or, other, people would have to look after her and talk to her" the teacher let out a sigh as she picked up a pile of books and left. was she really that annoying to her teachers as well? "come on lola, let's go home" i picked up her hand as she jumped down from the table. "do you... um... do you know, what, what happened to lotta?" i was trying to be subtle but i doubt it was working

"marv came and collected her on time" she replied, i shot an annoyed glance down at her before returning to my original task.

"did marv look ok? you know like, fine?" god i was failing at this

"i guess so, i didn't pay attention really. why wouldn't he be fine?"

"doesn't matter. um... what were you telling your teacher?" the topic has to change, fast

i was sitting at the kitchen table trying to call marve when a bang sounded from the door. i practically threw the chair across the room as i sprinted to the door, almost knocking into lola. "why is there someone at the door? mum and dad shouldn't be home from shopping yet" i didn't bother replying

i unlocked the door and swung it open causing it to smash into the wall.

there stood marv. a black eye, cuts on his limbs and god knows what else his clothing was hiding. he looked terrible. all of the light in his eyes had vanished like an old oak table. he looked so miserable, and it was all because of me and that stupid card! he looked up and forced a small smirk on his face.

i leaned forward and grabbed him him my arms pulling him tight. i heard him wince and felt him tense but i couldn't let go. finally he returned the embrace. after a few seconds we let go of each other and i was glad to see his normal expression on his face. i was going to hug him once more but he interrupted.

"shall we go somewhere where your sister isn't watching?" i glanced over my sholder to see her peeking round a door frame "you know what happened last time" he said with a chuckle. if he wasn't already injured i would have punched him.

we went up stairs into my bedroom and i locked the door behind us. 

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