Burning Love

Charlie reveals his BURNING feelings to Marv... but it doesn't go smoothly. Will they be able to KINDLE their passion for evermore, or will their love go up in FLAMES? A Charlie and Lola fanfic to ruin your childhood. Don't like, read it anyway. (Rated red for explicit violence in final chapter)


1. A Valentine's Card

I have this little sister Lola. She is small and very funny.

Today is Valentine's Day.

"Charlie, are you giving a valentine to anyone?"

"No!" I say, shoving the card up my shirt.

"I'm giving a friend one to lotta. Because she is my absolutely best friend. You should make a friend one for Marv."


We head to school. Lola runs up to lotta. Marv approaches me, smiling... God. That smile...

"Hey, Charlie!"

"Umm... Hi Marv"

"What's that up your shirt?"


"Is it a valentine? Who's it for?"

He grabs it... And reads it. The grin is wiped off his face and he suddenly looks serious.


"Charlie, can I talk to you a second?"

I blush and stare at my toes. This was a bad idea. "Sure."

"I mean... in private..."

I glance up at him. His face is blank. This is bad. What if he tells everyone? What if he puts it on instajam? Maybe he's reporting me or something? Is that even possible?

I pull my hand away from Lola's and walk towards him, trying not to show my apprehension. I give him a tight smile and say 'sure' again.

Lola smiles. "You did make him a friend card? Why did you keep it up your shirt? You don't need to keep cards warm Charlie!"

Ignoring her, I follow Marv, praying that nobody heard her. My sister is incapable of keeping her mouth shut! Oh well, maybe it won't matter anymore anyway. Marv is probably going to tell everyone. Whatever it is, I'd rather get it over with.


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