Secrets I Hold

Margo Connors moves to Arcadia Bay after being adopted. But soon after arriving she has strange and violent visions of the town being destroyed by a tornado. But this storm is a lot worse than anyone could imagine. With the help of some new friends and unlikely allies, Margo must stop the storm. But she soon learns that a price must be paid. How far would you go to save everyone?



2. TWO



Forty five minutes of crying babies and boredom past and the two women found themselves on the other side of the world. AKA America. Margo couldn’t help but stretch her limbs as soon as she got off and yawning loudly.

“Thank god that’s over.” She breathed while rubbing her eyes.

Soon, after Margo finally finished stretching and yawning, which made Caroline roll her eyes and complain about her not having a nap, they were in the airport collecting their things. Caroline had a pink suitcase while Margo had a white backpack which contained her laptop, sketchbook (Which she placed back in after arriving) and her clothes.

The airport was packed full of people, all consisting of different colours and clothing. Most of them were smartly dressed suggesting to Margo that they must have been traveling for business. I wonder if they can stand the sound of crying babies. Because of this getting around was difficult and the both of them found it hard to keep track of each other. What was worse was that Margo found herself panicking whenever she was stuck in a crowd.

Claustrophobia, my worst enemy.

It got to a point where Margo couldn’t take it anymore and had to find some kind of space. So when she saw the girls’ toilets she quickly took the opportunity and ran with it.

“C-Caroline!” She had to shout over the many people.

“What is it?”

“I-I…need the toilet!”

“But you just-“

“Please! I-I need it!”

Caroline stopped moving and stared at Margo. She could sense her panic. She nodded. “Alright! Don’t be long!”

Margo thanked her, feeling at least at ease. Caroline guided her to the toilet door which was a challenge once again. “I’ll be outside.”

“Thanks Carol.” And with that Margo quickly entered through the door.

As she entered Margo slowly closed the door behind her and let out a slow and shaken breath which was mixed with relief. She was glad to be out of that stampede of people. Rubbing her eyes she walked over to the sinks and rested her hands on the third in the row, she looked up at the mirror and sighed.

I look like a wreck.

She tried to even out her breathing to calm herself as she splashed some water on her face to wake her up more.

Ok Margo, pull yourself together. You’re going to be ok. You’ll fit in. You’ll be fine. Just remain calm and don’t panic.

Despite herself, Margo liked to think she was strong in situations she was put in. She would always tell herself to stay calm and not panic. Especially with her secret…

After a moment of calm and steady breathing Margo dried herself off and left the room.

After escaping what they thought was a never ending maze of people, they found themselves outside in the cold air; Caroline got out her phone and dialled her bother. To Margo, it was a little weird to think about having an uncle, if she did have one before she wouldn’t remember him so she doubted having a real one.

“Joshua it’s me Caroline, we’re outside the airport entrance. Whereabouts are you?” The phone was on speaking while Caroline spoke.

Uncle Joshua? Not what I was expecting. But it’s good nonetheless.

“I’m near the end, hold on I’ll come to you.” Her uncle replied. He sounded around the same age as Caroline.

“Ok, we’re just outside the entrance, can’t miss us.”

“Got ya, see you in a sec.” He hung up.

Caroline and Margo waited on the steps, sitting themselves down and resting their legs.  Margo few times felt herself drift off which ended up with her leaning on Caroline’s side and resting her head on her shoulder.

“You tired?” Despite herself nearing slumber she could tell that she was smiling.

“N-no…” Margo muttered having no strength to speak and feeling more exhausted than she ever felt before.

“You should have slept on the plane.”

“W-Wasn’t tired…”

“Yeah, I can see that.” Caroline mumbled while she wrapped an arm around Margo, pulling her close and allowing her to rest. “Don’t worry, Joshua won’t be long.” She whispered with her calm voice while rubbing her arm. Margo smiled and closed her eyes.

The carpark was massive so Margo assumed that her uncle would be awhile reaching them, maybe ten minutes, so there was no harm in taking in a few Z’s to pass the time. Gradually she felt herself lose consciousness as she fell deeper into slumber.  Margo was happy that she was finally sleeping; after all she found it hard just to close her eyes at night. In every slumber it would be the same, she was alone. Alone in the dark, the ground covered with shallow water, there was no sky or horizon, just the ground beneath her and the shallow waters. When she moved the ripples would be white and would go on forever, the sound would travel like an echo, the sound of the water and the sound of her calm and quiet breathing.

In every slumber she would be alone. But this time, it changed.

There was a flash before her and she suddenly found herself on wet solid ground. This time there was rain, it fell rapidly and hit Margo’s clothes, damping them. She felt the cold hit her like darts, she felt the water on her face and she felt her clothes sticking to her skin.

But most of all she felt awake. She felt aware of her surroundings. No longer was she wandering in the black obis.

Now she found herself in a forest, lightning blinding her and causing her to hold up her hands to protect her eyes. Everything was dark and grey, the trees cowering above Margo, trying so hard not to be taken away by the strong violent winds.

What the fuck is happening?

Margo was scared, terrified even, more than terrified. She couldn’t see clearly as the rain rushed to her eyes causing her to blink a lot more than she should. Then she saw something, in the distance.

A tall figure covered in white, with light coming from the top, it spun in all directions slowly.

A lighthouse?

Whatever it was Margo knew she had to get to it; maybe there would be some understanding to what this was all about. She followed the path as best she could; knowing a wrong turn might throw her off the cliff. Rocks and boulders fell from the hill towards Margo and thankfully she managed to get past them. Before long she got to the top.

The lighthouse was still standing there, intact, unaware of the chaos that was happening around it. The sea was now clear to Margo and not just that…

There was a tornado. A massive one.

Being in England Margo never encountered tornados, she only saw then on TV’s and movies. But this wasn’t a movie; it didn’t even feel like a dream.

No. this was real, this was happening.

From where she stood the tornado took up all of her view of the sea. Wooden planks and broken parts of houses and cars were flung from it, hitting other houses and buildings. In front of her was a stand with a map on it.

Finally some info.

She checked it and read the first word that she saw. In big letters…

“Arcadia Bay.”

This…this is Arcadia Bay?

Margo’s thoughts were cut short by a screeching sound, it sounded like pigs screaming and shrieking. Except she knew this sound wasn’t anything like that, it was similar, but similar never means the same.

At the tornado Margo saw them, clouds of blackness swirling around the tornado. Vaguely, she could make out shapes with blank eyes the colour of white and teeth like daggers. They were heading towards the beach which was far away from the lighthouse. In this position Margo was safe and out of harm’s way.

That was until the nightmare decided to take Margo to a different location. She felt a flash of light from the lightning and she suddenly found herself surrounded by people. Shrieking, the foggy monsters flung themselves to the ground towards the people, attacking… 



Margo heard their screams, the people of Arcadia Bay dying in front of her. People shoving and pushing people away to escape, only to result with blood. The cries of a mother holding her dead son in her arms, begging for him to somehow be ok, in her grief she had become blind to this reality around her. Her child was dead, and he wasn’t coming back. 

This isn’t real…

Margo was there with them, she was among them, seeing nothing but blood. She saw the monsters rip the innocence apart. Helpless, Margo froze.

This can’t be real…

The dead beneath her showed no emotion, their pain gone in an instant. Their suffering no longer present.


Monsters everywhere, they killed without hesitation.

Stop it…

One of them saw Margo, its teeth bared, showing those sharp teeth.

No more…

Its face resembled a piranha covered in swirls of coal and cloud. Eyes blank, teeth open.

Please no…

The monster lunged, gaining rapid speed.


There was no escape. No way out.


It slowed when it came close, its mouth now wide open, inside there was nothing, nothing but the emptiness. The blackness. The loneliness.


And the worst of it all…


She saw death…

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