Secrets I Hold

Margo Connors moves to Arcadia Bay after being adopted. But soon after arriving she has strange and violent visions of the town being destroyed by a tornado. But this storm is a lot worse than anyone could imagine. With the help of some new friends and unlikely allies, Margo must stop the storm. But she soon learns that a price must be paid. How far would you go to save everyone?






Despite Nathan’s constant glares Margo managed to survive the lesson without dying of a panic attack. Even if the majority of the class annoyed her throughout. Over the years she managed to block out the annoying pricks that learn jack shit. Mrs Hoida was a nice teacher, she’s caring and serene but she does have her limits and will get angry when needed. Thankfully she didn’t do much of it and the annoying pricks mostly doodled in their books then talking, although Margo was quite annoyed about that as well.

Margo made herself a promise to stay away from Nathan if she had any chance of surviving. If Joshua was right then Nathan and his family owned the whole bay and that meant that whatever Margo said about him his family would defend him, most undoubtedly with money. Despite what he saw at the diner Margo hardly thought he would say anything, who would believe him? They would all think he was on drugs. Hell, even she wouldn’t believe him. She was still trying to believe it herself, and she had been doing that for her whole life.

The earliest memory she had was from when she was fourteen and in care. But even then she was only slightly surprised. She doubted that was her first time.

But it was the only time she could remember.

I mean, what can I do with it? It starts when my hands feel like pins and needles; they go numb for a second and tingle. Then this blue mist appears, I always told myself it looked like space, how the colour blue mixed with the purple and would show small white dots like stars. For a really long time, that’s all it did.

But at the diner, the mist took shape and turned into a living creature, I could feel its life force, me and it were connected. But I couldn’t control it. Maybe I could, but only time will tell.

Maybe after school I’ll practice.

English, even if it lasted an hour, didn’t feel like a long time to Margo. In fact, to her, it felt like it went quicker. She guessed it was because she daydreamed throughout the whole lesson and she had so much on her mind, especially about her past. Though her biggest problem was Nathan knowing her secret, Margo thought that she shouldn’t worry since no one would believe him but that wouldn’t stop him from coming to her for answers. The best thing she could do is avoid him.

So when the bell rang Margo quickly pack her stuff and dash out of the classroom before Nathan could even get to her. She sighed in relief.

Lucky escape.

The next lesson is Photography which made Margo happy since her second best hobby besides the guitar was art, and drawing and photography were definitely things she could enjoy. Margo managed to find the classroom and thankfully Nathan wasn’t there. This time there was a male teacher with white glasses and a smart suit. He gave Margo a welcoming smile when she entered. Margo returned it.

“So you’re Margo? Nice to meet you. I’m Mr Jefferson” He got up and held out his hand for Margo to shake and Margo happily shook it.

“It’s nice to meet you too, sir.”

“How’s the day been for you?” He asks.

“Surprisingly ok.”

“That’s good. Don’t worry about anything you’ve missed, just take down some notes and make sure you revise.”


He smiled. “You sit at the back with Rae. Don’t worry she won’t bite.”

Margo turned to see the girl which she would be sitting with. If she had to sum her up in one work she would use the word Geek or Nerd. The girl, who was called Rae, had past shoulder length brown hair with light blue highlights at the ends and held a hint of emerald in her eyes. She also wore black glasses as well as a white long jumper with a multi-coloured owl printed on it. Rae also had dark blue jeans with bulky brown boots.

Woah. Talk about a geek with style.

Margo walked over to the desk and sat down at the end of the table with Rae sitting on the side, at this moment Rae was reading her notes. Margo wasn’t sure about saying anything to Rae in case she was disturb her but Margo felt like she had to talk to someone. Placing her bag down under the table she leaned forward.

“Hey there,” She said “I’m Margo.”

Rae at first glanced at the new girl before sitting up straight and smiling back at her; now and then she would sometimes break eye contact with Margo. “Hey. My names Rae. Rae Cassity.”

“Cool name. I only have Connors as a last name.”

She smiled almost cutely. “Your name is cool too.” Rae broke eye contact again.

Margo couldn’t help but smile. “Hey, don’t be shy. I won’t bite.”

“I-I know. It’s just…its nothing.” Rae answered nervously while clasping her hands together and rubbing them, almost as if she was keeping them warm.

Margo took out her art equipment, that being her sketchbook and pencil case. The students weren’t too long arriving which was good, Margo didn’t want the lesson to be delayed. After everyone sat in their seats Mr Jefferson seated himself in the middle on a table.

Never had a teacher layout his classroom like this.

“Morning class, I hope you’ve been collecting pictures for the ‘Everyday Hero’s’ contest. Today we have a new student joining us. Margo Connors, I’m sure she will be a great addition to our class. So please, make sure she feels welcome.”

Margo got a few smiles with one of them being from Rae but a few just looked at her and that was that. A girl on the table beside her with short blonde hair shot a distasteful glance at Margo as she scrutinized my clothing before turning her nose up at Margo and looked away. Her friends just laughed.

Wow…I’m flattered…

The class started normally and it wasn’t long until Margo was constantly hearing the blonde girl answer each question that she was presented with. There were times when Margo found her unbearable to listen to, and she talked like she was some smug queen and would keep giving Margo looks. She had the strangest feeling she was trying to demonstrate her power over Margo, or rather how much of a bitch she was. But Margo was willing to give her a chance. Being her she just ignored the girl, who after a while in class soon found out that her name was Victoria Chase. Margo took down notes and paid her no mind. She was here to learn, and since she did a crappy job of paying attention in English she was definitely going to change that in photography.

Margo’s notebook was empty at the beginning of the class, now it was covered in notes about famous artists and photographers, the notes took up about three pages which she didn’t mind since it was for school. She had a spare notebook which she specifically used to note down her power activity, the littlest of changes she would note down.

Which reminds me. I need to note down that thing with the butterfly.

While Margo was taking notes her hand started to doodle in her notebook around the corners on its own. When she looked down she saw small drawings of a tornado and scary faces with their mouths wide open. The same images she had in her dream. Margo scolded herself for even doodling in the first place, she promised herself she wouldn’t make a mess of her notebook, and there she went drawing in her school book.

Her gaze shifted to the window, in the distance she saw something dark and foggy. Its face was blank and plain, just staring at her.


She snapped her head to Mr Jefferson. “Y-yeah?”

“I know you’re new, but try to pay attention. Ok?”

She glanced at the window again and saw that the figure was gone. Margo shook her head and looked back at the teacher.

“Yes, sir…”

Margo didn’t notice that Rae had seen the same thing.

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