Secrets I Hold

Margo Connors moves to Arcadia Bay after being adopted. But soon after arriving she has strange and violent visions of the town being destroyed by a tornado. But this storm is a lot worse than anyone could imagine. With the help of some new friends and unlikely allies, Margo must stop the storm. But she soon learns that a price must be paid. How far would you go to save everyone?






Margo woke up with a start, a scream. Her breathing was sporadic and sweat beaded her forehead. She felt herself swaying, then a bark, screeching of tires.

“Margo! What’s wrong?” Concern laced her voice as Caroline leaned over the terrified girl, staring at her intently.

Hearing the sound of barking she jolted up. Soon realising she was in a car, next to a dog, a blackish brown German Shepard with a blue collar to be exact.

“You ok back there kid? You frightened the hell outta me.” A man’s voice. Uncle Josh.

“Margo, what happened?” Caroline again, looking behind her seat. Holding a hand out to Margo which she accepted with no hesitation.

“It…was a nightmare…I’m sorry.”

“Sweetheart, you scared me.” She gave her hand a comforting squeeze.

“I-I’m sorry…it scared me.”

Grimacing, Margo shot a glare at the dog that was still barking.

“Sam! Quiet boy!” Josh spoke, the dog called Sam quickly stopped, now panting in his seat.

“Don’t worry Margo, it’s just a dream. They can’t hurt you.”

“I know…”

That dream…that nightmare… it felt…real…so real.

“Well don’t worry; we’re nearly in Acadia Bay.” Josh spoke with a light hearted tone.

Get a hold of yourself Margo; it wasn’t real, just a dream, a really…really…scary dream.

“That’s good, I’m sick of being stuck on my ass.” Margo tried to sound like her old self, but her voice didn’t sound the way she wanted it to. It sounded small and powerless. In that moment she felt her hands tingle and quickly pulled away from Caroline’s grip.

No…not now…not now…

“Margo?” Caroline was shocked when I pulled back.

“Err…I might want to take in a few more Z’s before we get there, I’m …still a bit tired.” Good enough a lie as any.

“Alright then, just tell me if you need anything.”

“Sure thing.”

She turned her head away from Margo who began to gaze at her hands and saw them sparkle a little, dark blue and purple mist slowly appearing.

Fuck…not now…

Quickly, she clutched her hands as hard as she could, begging the mist to vanish.

I don’t need this now. I don’t need this ever. Please…just go…

Slowing the mist vanished and Margo quickly relaxed, she couldn’t let anyone find this out that she wasn’t entirely normal.

Margo leaned back against her seat, staring at her hands which she quickly hid in her hoodie pockets. She looked out the window and there it was, the sign.

Welcome to Arcadia Bay, Margo.

Margo thankfully didn’t have another fucked up dream after the last one. She tried thinking about why she had that sort of dream, or rather nightmare. She wondered why it felt so real, she had dreams like that before but never as chaotic as that, let alone how real it felt.

It was night-time in Arcadia Bay, but Margo figured it was past midnight. All the shops were closed and the houses bared no light from within. The ocean was quiet, the moon’s light reflected onto it. It wasn’t long until they made it to their new home.

It wasn’t long until they arrived at their temporary home. Caroline said that she would find a new home as soon as they settled in. The house was situated between several other houses, however it didn’t look the same as the others. The house was two stories high with a garage on the left, outside the door was a dog house painted in dark blue, she guessed it would be brighter in the day. The wood of the house was painted a pale colour, almost peach. The roof was the usual brown.

Caroline and Margo got their things from the boot of the car, dog Sam sat on the pavement panting away happily. Margo almost thought that he was teasing her, seeing how he just looked at her with unbothered eyes. But she had to admit he did look beautiful at night.

I’m definitely taking a picture of this.

In Margo’s backpack she also had an old fashioned camera called the Polaroid, she liked it old school. She bent down to capture the moment; she noticed how the moon reflected of Sam, his fur glowing behind him.


She took the shot which caused Sam to stop panting and look at her with his ears shot up. Margo couldn’t’ help but giggled at him.

“Its ok boy, just admiring your posing skills.”

Of course Sam was confused by what she meant; he tilted his head slightly, whimpering quietly.

Joshua stood behind Margo and waited for the photo to develop. “That looks really good, you really do show off Sam really well.” Joshua said praising Margo.

“Well, I thought the moment called for it.” Margo stood and placed the camera back into her backpack. Along with the photo.

Once the three of them got into the house Margo took note of each room. Entering the door there would be two rooms opposite each other, the left being the kitchen and the right would be the living room. Near to the right the stairs led to Joshua’s and Caroline’s room, along with Margo’s.  Down the hall was the extension of the living room with a door leading to the garden.

First I find my room.

Margo headed upstairs, four rooms where seen with one of them being the toilet. Joshua said that her room was at the end. Walking there made the wooden floor creak. Margo almost thought the floor would collapse below her. Really hope it doesn’t.

Margo was expecting her room it to be dark and frozen. The bed which was on the right side of the room was cover free with only one pillow and the back was pressed against the wall. The only light was from the window right at the end of the room in front of her. A desk was on the opposite side of the bed with one single wooden chair to accompany it. Margo slumped a little at the appearance of her room.

“Sorry, I didn’t have much time setting out your room.” Joshua said quietly who was standing beside Margo. She almost wondered how he got here without a sound.

“Its fine, just needs a cover and one extra pillow and I’ll be satisfied.”

“I have some extra pillows in my room, and I think I have a white sheet you can use as a cover.”

“That’s good. Don’t want to be cold all night.”

Joshua turned to leave. “It gets pretty hot at night sometimes. So if you feel a little hot you can open the window.

“Thanks for the warning.”

Joshua helped prepare Margo’s bed, making it at least a little more liveable. Most of the time Joshua kept hurting himself with any fallen object. Afterwards Margo got herself ready by putting on a white shirt and black shorts. She placed her backpack on the ground next to the bed and got under the covers. She wasn’t very sleepy and she assumed it would take her a while for her to fall asleep.

Well, no one’s around…I guess I could try…

She sat up and leaned her back against the bed and pillows, making sure she was comfortable. Slowly, she raised her hands and spread them out like a fan. She took a long and deep breath.

Ok…just nice and easy…

From her hands the mist appeared again as a mix of blue and purple, it ignited like fire. Small white dots sparkled in the mist, in a way, it reminded her of space.

The tingle would come at random, mostly when she didn’t want it to. It always came at the wrong times, ending up with her either walking out the room or hiding her hands until it would go away. She couldn’t control it when it arose, the only thing Margo could do was try to control the flow of it inside her.

And she felt it, inside of her; it flowed like a surge of energy waiting to be released.

Margo started by trying to contain the flame in her hand and it felt strange in her grip. It didn’t burn and felt cold like she was holding a hand-full of ice blocks.

Margo then felt herself slumping against the bed.

Using this power always made her tired, it used up energy every time. Margo had no idea how she was going to control it if she kept dozing off all the time. Then the flame began to glitch and it started to hurt.

Margo quickly pulled away from the flame and it vaporized into the air, slowly disappearing in front of her. As she rubbed her hands she noticed that they felt burnt but showed no marks. Margo took it as a sign to stop.

I guess that’s enough for one day…

Margo snuggled into the covers and smelt their freshness, she couldn’t help but smile under them. Bringing her legs up to her chest she readied herself for sleep.

Arcadia Bay was going to be a new start for her. A new chance in life. But she still felt worried about fitting in. How was I going to make friends? How was I going to talk to people without appearing moody as, I’ve been told, it seems to be my default expression?

However she was going to do it she had to make the best of it. Because now was her chance. A fresh start.

And she didn’t want to fuck it up.

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