Secrets I Hold

Margo Connors moves to Arcadia Bay after being adopted. But soon after arriving she has strange and violent visions of the town being destroyed by a tornado. But this storm is a lot worse than anyone could imagine. With the help of some new friends and unlikely allies, Margo must stop the storm. But she soon learns that a price must be paid. How far would you go to save everyone?






Lunch finally came and after two lessons Margo was already tired. She thought the best course of action was to head back to her dorm and write in her power log as she called it and get a bite to eat at the cafeteria later on.

Seems like a good plan.

The hall is packed so Margo wasted no time finding her way out; the least she wanted was to get lost in a crowd.  Margo wanted to ask Rae if she wanted to hang out but she left before she could. She head out of the main building and make her way to the girl’s dorms. The walk was peaceful and everyone else was doing whatever in their spare time, Margo didn’t interrupt them or try to talk to them.

All the way to the dorms she remain silent and to myself. She made it to the outside building where only a few people were around. Margo noticed the blonde girl with some girls and they were standing around and talking about whatever they normally talked about.

Then Margo noticed Nathan Prescott walk up to them.

Margo wasn’t surprised to see the rich kid hang out with the, what she believed, rich girl. Thankfully they were not close to the entrance so Margo had a clear path. Quickly, she dash to the door and enter. She started to think that she would be doing this every time she would see Nathan around. It wasn’t that Margo was scared of him, because she not, but she didn’t want get caught up in his rage and allow him to abuse her like that, plus she didn’t want to brag about her secret to him. She just couldn’t take the chance that the government would get word of her secret and do some crazy experiments on her.

Shaking the thought she made her way to her dorm, the slate is still the same but has been rubbed out a few times, Margo rub out the whole thing and wrote something.

Tired zzz

After all, she was tired.

She entered her room and threw her bag down on the floor, from under her pillow she took out her power log which looked like a black notebook with purple and blue glitter glue on it.

The first notes were taken the first time she used her power.

September 20st 2009: It’s my birthday, and this is my first Power Log, I got a new notebook so I’ve decided to do this thing. So here we go. It started about two hours into my birthday, there was this tingle in my hand, and then for a few seconds this mist would appear, a mix of blue and purple and small white dots like stars. After about five seconds it would vanish. Two hours later it started again but it wasn’t as big as the last one.

The notes continued from there.

September 25th 2009: It’s been a while since the first one that I believed it was a one off, but it’s started again. Nothing different, just a tingle then gone.

September 30th 2009: I’m trying to find a pattern because it seems to happen on certain days, at the moment I believe it happens five days after the last. Once again though nothing different.

October 4th 2009:  Nothing different.

The rest of the log is the same; all days have a pattern of five days apart, after that my hands would do the same thing, they would tingle then mist would appear. But nothing different would happen. Lately it’s been happening more often than five days; it seems to be happening every day. In her notebook she grabbed her pen and wrote down her latest updates.

September 30th 2013: Nothing much changed. Attempted to control it, it formed into a flame that inflicted pain so I stopped.

September 31st 2013: While at the diner my power took a dramatic turn, suddenly now I can create small living creatures made of the same mist as before. Maybe my power might be able to create larger creatures. But first I think it’s best to take things slow and start small.

October 1st 2013: Nothing much to report. My power has returned to its original routine.

After updating her log she slid the pen down the spine of the book and placed it back under her pillow. Until she could find a better hiding spot it would have to be under her pillow. She took out her school notebook and red through her notes, it’s was best to remind herself. She did this for about ten minutes. After that she stopped and put it away.

Margo left her dorm with her bag and headed out to the cafeteria, Victoria and her friends along with Nathan were gone which was a massive yes to Margo. A lot more students were hanging around the front of the campus rather than the outside so thankfully the cafeteria was practically empty. When she there she bought herself a cup of hot chocolate and sat down in an empty seat on an empty table. She wasn’t really that hungry, she rarely was.

She rested her hands on the table with them still holding the cup, now and then taking a sip.  She was mostly in a daze of repeating, drinking then putting the cup down back on the table. In the corner of her eye she saw a girl taking a seat on her table; her hair was blonde and tied up in a big bunch and she wore red lipstick as well as a cross necklace around her neck.

“Hi.” Her voice was small and shy. “Mind if I sit with you?”

“No I don’t mind.” Margo replied kindly.

She took a seat with a tray of food, which was salad and a bottle of water.

“You’re the new girl, right?” She asks.

“Yep, all the way from England.”

“Wow.” Her face is full of surprise, if Margo had to say more, her face looked cute and kind. “What’s it like there? I’ve never been.”

“Well I’m not sure if you’d like it. It mostly rains. I’m still trying to get used to the hot weather here.”

She giggles. “Yeah, it’s mostly always sunny. We rarely get rain.”

“Well then, I guess I’ll just have to get used to it.”

She smiled, but it soon became smaller. “My names Kate. Kate Marsh.”

“Margo Connors. It’s nice to meet you, Kate.”

“And you. Did you fly in here recently?”

“A few days ago, it was all a bit rushed actually, my…Mum…suddenly said we were going to America, she wanted to live with…my Dad…” God I hate making up lies. Thanks a lot uncle.

Kate nodded, tilting her head slightly.


“Oh. Nothing. It’s just…you paused when talking about your family…”

“…I did?”

“It’s just something I noticed…”

Margo sighed. “Look. To tell you the truth. My Mum is…not my actual Mum. I’m adopted.”

“Oh…I’m sorry to hear that.”

“And my Dad…is my uncle.”

She looked surprised. “Really?”

“Yeah, not my actual uncle. But he likes to say he’s my Dad.”

“I see. So, did you know about your real parents? If you don’t mind me asking.” Kate went shy on that last line.

“Well, my Dad left when I was young…after that my Mum had to look after me herself…I don’t remember anything else after that.”

“Oh my…I’m so sorry.” She reached out and placed a hand on Margo’s arm.

Margo smiled at her. “It’s ok. It was a long time ago. I don’t remember them very well.”

“I’m really sorry. I hope you settle in ok.”

“I hope so…”

“I know so.” She smiled gently at Margo who returned it.

Margo’s gaze shifted to see Victoria and her friends coming towards them, Kate looks in Margo’s direction and quickly looked away.

“Kate?” Margo asked her but she looked down and avoided them.

“Well, if it isn’t Kate Marsh with the newbie.”

“Erm…Hey, Victoria.”

“I wouldn’t think you’d be hanging around the newbie, teaching her some of your techniques?” The girls behind her laugh.

What’s she talking about?

“I bet you haven’t even told her, have you?” Victoria leaned on her hand which was on the table.

“…N-no. I haven’t.”

“I thought so. Maybe I should tell her. How does that sound?” Margo couldn’t see her face, but she knew Victoria was smirking.

Margo, do something!

Maybe you should back off a bit.” Margo spoke making Victoria turn to her.

“Why? You gonna defend the porn star, brit?” the girls giggle and laugh.

“It’s Margo. And I don’t want any trouble.”

“Of course not,” she leans close to me now. “Maybe I should kick your ass back to England, where you belong?”

She didn’t know what happened, but the next thing Margo knew she was standing up and moving dangerously close to Victoria. Everything went dead silent as she stared right at her; Victoria jumped back a little in shock. Kate was watching and Margo could sense her worry and fear. For Margo standing up to someone like this was nothing like what she would do and never before had she let someone get her so worked up. Something about her was changing. And she wasn’t sure she liked it.

“Look, I don’t know you and you don’t know me. So don’t pretend you know better and boss me or anyone around. Got it?” Margo’s voice was low and stern. Victoria in response gave her a look and backed away.

“Fine then. You can stay here with the porn star instead.” She walks off with her laughing minions. Kate was close to tears when Margo sat back down and placed a hand on her shoulder.

“Hey…you ok?”

She doesn’t answer.

“I’m sorry about that scene I made. I didn’t like what they were doing to you.” Margo said.

“Thank you,” Kate replied in her sobs. “Thank you for stepping up to her. Victoria is a nasty person.”

Rae had missed the whole thing; originally she was going to meet Kate at the cafeteria but was caught up with homework. When she arrived she saw Margo with Kate who was crying throughout. Rae without hesitation ran over to them. “Kate? What happened?”

Margo looked up at Rae. “We had an encounter with Victoria. Don’t worry I managed to scare her off.”

Rae had a look of guilt planted on her face. I should have been here. Me and my stupid homework. “Kate…I’m so sorry I wasn’t here.”

Kate looked up at Rae and gave her a small and gentle smile. “It’s not your fault Rae. Please don’t apologize.”

“Kate…” Oh Kate…I’m sorry.

“Look,” Margo started. “Whatever that was about. You don’t have to tell me.”

She looks up at her and Margo continued. “Whatever you’ve done. I’m sure you didn’t mean to do it. You don’t have to tell me anything.”

“I don’t have to…you’ll find out eventually.”

“If I do, it’ll be from you.”

Margo had an idea about what Victoria was talking about but she didn’t want to believe it. Someone like Kate didn’t look like the person who would do such a thing.

“Margo…maybe if…we get to know each other a bit more. I’ll tell you.”

“You don-“

“I want to.”

“Are you sure?”

She nodded. “Yeah, I’m sure.”

Margo nodded. “Ok.”

Rae stood by and watched the two. She knew what had happened with Kate and she was scared that Margo would find out through an unfriendly source. Nervously she adjusted her backpack and said, “I have biology next. Maybe we could walk together?”

“Yeah I have Biology too.” Margo spoke up.

“Me too.” Kate said.

“Well, maybe all three of us could walk together?”

She smiled a little. “I’d like that.”

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