Secrets I Hold

Margo Connors moves to Arcadia Bay after being adopted. But soon after arriving she has strange and violent visions of the town being destroyed by a tornado. But this storm is a lot worse than anyone could imagine. With the help of some new friends and unlikely allies, Margo must stop the storm. But she soon learns that a price must be paid. How far would you go to save everyone?



6. SIX



The boy called Warren showed Margo around Blackwell and she noted everything in her mind. The cafeteria surprisingly was not very packed; a few students were seated at the table but not a lot of them. Solves my seating plan for lunch. She only briefly saw the boys dorms and only briefly shown the main campus since there wasn’t really much to be shown besides the front entrance which Margo already knew and since she wasn’t allowed in the boys dorms she didn’t find it important. Margo was shown the carpark and, despite her being able to drive a car, she also didn’t pay much notice. The girl’s dorm was fully shown to her being just a hallway with the rooms on the side of the walls with the girl’s bathrooms in a separate small hallway. And of course she was looking forward to the big moment. Her dorm room.

The four of them stood outside the door to Margo’s room and she gradually opened it. She guessed that Caroline must have helped with the layout somehow because to Margo everything looked perfect. The walls were black with white vines and flowers, the bed covers were a rebellious red with black and white newspaper patterns on them and the carpet was a clear white. Margo’s laptop would be placed on the desk which was close to the window with a nice leather chair to accompany it. The wardrobe was close to the door with a mirror next to her bed with a small desk below it with a lamp and a clock. But best of all.

Near the back of her bed was a guitar, a nice newly shining brown one.

Caroline smiled down at Margo when she saw the guitar. “I know your old one was broken, so Joshua made sure you had a new one for school. I know how much you love the guitar.”

She wasn’t wrong. Back at the care home Margo’s only comfort was playing the guitar. But it soon got destroyed when some bullies came and took it away and made sure she was watching when they broke it. She remembered asking Caroline lots of times if she could have another one, but now she knew she was saving it for when she got to Blackwell.

“Thank you.” Was all she could say.

“I must admit, your dorm room rocks!” Warren was just as pleased as she was and it was nice knowing that someone else showed her love for her new room.

“Ditto to that.” She smiled and Caroline and Joshua smiled with her.

“I take it we did a good job then?” Joshua said.

“You did a perfect job Dad.”

Josh couldn’t help but laugh at that. “Thanks kid.”

After checking out the dorms a bit more and having one last look at Margo’s room they left the dorms and Warren led them out of Blackwell, he waved goodbye and left. Margo took her time to think about what new experiences she would go through here at Blackwell. She was happy that her room didn’t suck and at least she would be off for a few days to get used to Arcadia Bay a bit more, but the principle did say a day or two so she would have maybe one day to get used to her surroundings.

Maybe I’ll be able to fit in ok.

“Well?” Caroline spoke. “What do you think?”

“I like it here, it’s not what I was expecting, but it’s good nonetheless.”

“What were you expecting?”

“Well, not this. I thought it would be more like a boarding school.”

Caroline laughed. “Well I considered it, but I’m a good person and I knew you would never like it there.”

Margo faked a smile. “Oh wow, you’re so generous.”

The three of them walked back to Joshua’s car until he turned to Margo. “How about you go and get lunch? You can take the bus or I can drop you off? The Two Whales is a good place to get a meal.”

“Sounds like a blast. Maybe you could drop me off and I’ll take the bus home?”

He nodded. “Sounds fair.”

The drive didn’t take as long as Margo expected but while they were traveling Joshua brought up the Prescott kid, telling her that he and his family practically own Acadia Bay, including Blackwell. That explains how he can get away with swearing in front of the principle; the wuss must be scared by him, or scared of losing his job. Though it doesn’t explain why he acted like that towards me.

Joshua dropped Margo off at the Two Whales and handed her some money while telling her to take her phone in case she needed it, all she did was nod every time he ended his sentence, he showed her where the bus comes and goes and mentioned where to get off to get back to the house, from what he said Margo needed to get off the bus near the road to their neighbourhood, he stated that if she wanted she could go for a walk around Acadia Bay before leaving to get back home. I’ll keep that in mind, I have all day to explore after all.

Josh and Caroline waved goodbye before they drove off. Taking a deep breath Margo turned to face the diner. The sign was two whales together with the Two Whales title over them. The carpark was small; she wasn’t really expecting it to be any bigger, after all the diner itself was quite small as well.

She decided to take a look at a stand just on the side of the diner before going in. A man she guessed was a fisherman seemed to be selling things. She glanced at the many items before looking up at him.

“Hi. Seems like you’re selling quite a lot of stuff.” She said to him, placing her hands in her pockets which was becoming a habit.

“Anything to get a little extra money. Say, you don’t sound local. You from around here?”

“Just moved here from England.”

“All the way from Europe. I heard the weather there isn’t great.”

Margo smiled. “You’ve heard right. Would have been a nice place for a fisherman like you. I know Hornsea is a nice place.”

“Sounds it. I would leave this place, but frankly I’d rather stay close to home.”

She nodded. “Well I did come here to get lunch, time for some Two Whales food testing.”

“You sure you don’t want anything?”

“Actually, I’ll take that keyring. I’ve been needing to decorate my keys.”

She paid for the key ring which was a small stuffed whale. She waved goodbye and headed inside the diner. The smell was quick and instantly made her hungrier than she was before. The place was quiet so it wasn’t so bad; at least it wasn’t over crowded. Not this time, phobia.

She decided to sit in the corner at the back, it was quiet and had more space, plus she got to sit at the window. A woman came up to her with a warm smile. “Hey there stranger, haven’t seen you around before.”

“I’m new. Came here from England.”

“A long way from home. Well, welcome to Acadia Bay. My names Joyce.”


“Nice name. So Margo, what would you like for your first meal here at the Two Whales?”

Margo checked the menu.

“Is egg and bacon still an option at this time?”

“Sure is.”

“I’ll have that please.”

“Sure thing won’t be long.” She left and took orders from other costumers.

Margo spent her time looking out the window and at the sea. The door pulled her away from the window.

She saw who it was. They took the table in the row opposite her.

They looked at her.

She looked at them.

Who would have guessed that they were none other than Nathan Prescott?  

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