Secrets I Hold

Margo Connors moves to Arcadia Bay after being adopted. But soon after arriving she has strange and violent visions of the town being destroyed by a tornado. But this storm is a lot worse than anyone could imagine. With the help of some new friends and unlikely allies, Margo must stop the storm. But she soon learns that a price must be paid. How far would you go to save everyone?






Waiting for her lunch now felt like an eternity with the watchful eye of Nathan. She questioned why he kept staring at her. Was it because of earlier? I didn’t do anything; he was the one doing the whole weird thing at me. She prayed that soon he would give up staring at her but his eyes were like glue. He didn’t even blink!

God what’s wrong with this guy?

Margo tried her hardest to ignore him but it’s beyond hard when someone you don’t know is gawking at you. He muttered something and whatever it was it was a sign that he was stopping and she couldn’t help but sigh in relief.

Waiting for lunch now felt less awkward but now Margo was trying out the staring game, well, more glances than stares. She found herself struggling to stop looking at him. The way he just looked down and his hands would twitch almost uncontrollably; it made her feel really out of place. Fiddling in her pockets she took out her IPod and headphones, placing them on the table. She hoped that some music would distract her.

Syd Matters – To All Of You.

Seems like a nice choice.

She picked the song and lowered the music a little but not too low, just enough so she could hear it. Leaned back against the seat and listened.

While listening she peeked out the window and thought about the last time she heard this song which was back at the care home. She used to play it on her old guitar whenever she felt lonely or bored. But that soon ended. After that she could only listen to it. She sometimes forgot how her voice sounded when she sung. The care workers told her that her voice was beautiful to listen to, but she wasn’t so sure of herself, after all Margo never liked playing the guitar in public. Without noticing she began to quietly sing the lyrics.

“To all of you, American girls

It’s sad to, imagine a world, without you

American girls

I’d like to, be part of the world, around you

Driving a car by the seaside

Watching the world from the bright side.”

“Wow…” She suddenly stopped playing the music and looked up at Joyce, her cheeks turned red. “Now that’s how you sing a song.”

“I-it wasn’t that good.”

“You sung that beautifully. I think it was very good.”

“Thanks, it’s better when I have a guitar though.”

“My daughter Chloe has a friend who played the guitar every time she came over; I bet you two would be quite a pair.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

“Anyways, here you go.” Joyce placed the plate on the table, the smell was wonderful and Margo suddenly remembered her hunger for food.

“Thanks, Joyce.” Quickly Margo tucked in and savoured every bite. This being her first lunch in Arcadia Bay she wanted it to be special, even if eggs and bacon wasn’t very special. She turned the music back on and listened while eating. She had to admit that the food here was really nice, better than any other meal she had in England and definitely better than the food in the care home. Before long she finished and pushed the plate to a side and boy did that meal certainly fill her up. The diner was quiet now, not many people were there as before. Guessing, she supposed it was just her and Nathan left, who was still there. He only ordered coffee which Margo was never a big fan of, coffee and tea never fitted well with her and she never liked the taste, it was just bland and non-exciting like any other drink. Margo asked Joyce for a glass of orange juice while continuing to listen to music. Once again she found herself singing along to it.

“To all of you, American girls in the movies

No one can tell where your heart is

American girls like dollies

Which shines and smiles in plastic body.”

Margo smiled, thinking about how much she wanted to play the guitar again and sing songs with it. Gently she placed her hands on the table and intertwined them and allowing them some freedom.

“I wish I had, American, girlfriend.”

Margo felt the small tingle return but she was so lost in the music that she didn’t notice them being engulfed in dark blue and purple mist.

“I cry sometimes walking around my own place

Wondering why she cry sometimes

Talking about her own place

Somewhere around the mountains

No one could dry her fountain

Till she got tired to complain.”

Suddenly the tingling grew stronger and Margo snapped her head back to her hands. The mist was gone, replaced with a small blue and purple misted butterfly, it flapped it’s wings as if it was just awoken.


Gently it fluttered it’s wings and lifted itself in front of her. This interested Margo greatly, now her power could do this? Whatever it was. Margo wasn’t sure if it was an illusion or real. But she guessed that her power could somehow create images of living creatures. She couldn’t control it though, it moved on its own, with its own mind and thought. Gently she lifted her hand and the small creature landed on her palm, all she did was stare at it. Its wings gently fluttered sending small sparkling mist away like dust into the air. Margo felt a small smile grow on her face, oddly this butterfly made her happy, calm and peaceful. It made her think about her family and all the happy moment she had with them. Like her Dad. How every time she was sad he would take her to this small park down the street, no one else would go there except them, Margo and her Dad. He would tell her that he loved her and that no matter what happened, he would be there for her.

But he left her, left her mother.

The thought of him soon lifted Margo’s smile away. The small butterfly became clouded and soon turned into a cloud of mist, it slowly seeped into her hands and flowed through her, engulfing her in a soothing sensation that calmed her worries and relaxed her muscles.

She felt her smile return and her eyes slowly fell shut.

But then they snapped open again and her smile was gone once more.

Something doesn’t feel right…

She snapped her head up. Wide eyes were staring back at her, mouth slightly open.

Margo did the same.

Nathan Prescott stared at her with surprise mixed with fear.

She knew exactly why he was looking at her.

Quickly and hastily she hid her hands in her pockets, panic quickly taking over her body.

He saw it, her secret.

That’s when I fly.

To wild land to your land.

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