Secrets I Hold

Margo Connors moves to Arcadia Bay after being adopted. But soon after arriving she has strange and violent visions of the town being destroyed by a tornado. But this storm is a lot worse than anyone could imagine. With the help of some new friends and unlikely allies, Margo must stop the storm. But she soon learns that a price must be paid. How far would you go to save everyone?






“And make sure you brush your teeth every day.”


“And tidy your room every day.”


“Make sure you do your homework and don’t leave it until the last minute.”


“Also behave yourself in class.”

“Will do…”

“And don’t wear the same clothes every day.”


“And shower before and after you go to bed.”

“Jesus Christ, Caroline I think she gets it.”

“Shh. Talking. Also don’t hang around the wrong crowd.”

The car suddenly stopped.

“Josh! You ass! I was talking!”

Joshua scoffed. “The way you talk would’ve made my ears fall off. And I think I’d like to keep them thanks.”

Caroline had been talking all the way through the journey. All of it being ‘Make sure’ this and ‘Remember to do’ that. It got to a point where Margo stopped listening.

“Margo needs to be told these things, it’s important!”

“Carol she’s eighteen years old. I think she knows enough.”

Margo loved how Josh was being calm in this situation and she knew full well that he had faith in her; he knew she wouldn’t do anything bad. Carol on the other hand had to make sure she was told before school, she always thought Margo was doing something she didn’t like. All Margo did honestly was sit in class for an hour and quietly pretend she was listening. But since turning sixteen she knew she had to get her shit together otherwise her whole life of education would’ve meant nothing. So that’s what she did she buckled down and studied, but her depression didn’t help but Caroline came into her life and helped her and because of her she passed her exams.

Margo knew how to act at school, so it did bug her that Caroline found it crucial to tell her everything she knew over and over again. Margo finally got fed up with the two of them arguing and decided to say something. “Look, Caroline. I know how to behave at school and Josh is right, I’m eighteen years old. I don’t need to be told things that I already know.”

Caroline glanced at Margo; her anger soon was replaced with guilt. “Sorry, I’m just nervous. I’m not sure how kids behave at an American school."

“I’m sure they behave like anyone else Carol.” I hope.

Josh started the car again since his abrupt stopping stalled the car. Margo could tell Caroline was panicking and honestly she was feeling a little nervous herself. She was going to sleep at a school and Margo had never done that before. She even remembered when she was younger she thought the teachers slept at the school. But of course that wasn’t true as she soon found out many years later.

Margo tried thinking about other things, anything to distract her. She thought about her old life again: the care home; her family. She tried thinking about the many songs she used to sing before the bullies stole that from her. Then she thought about the kids from primary who were no better. That all started after her Dad left, the kids picked on her for being alone and not talking to anyone. They called her emo and blank face because her fringe would grow and cover her eyes; her Mum was low on money at the time so paying for a haircut was out of the question.

They stopped at the school and at this time the front of Blackwell was packed full of students. Margo made a last minute check to see if she had everything.

Pencil case? Check.

Camera? Check.

Notebook? Check.

Timetable? Check.

Phone? Check.

IPod with headphones? Check. Check.

Drawing pad? Yep. Check.

Laptop? Check.

She had everything and today her clothing of choice was a grey zip hoodie with black leggings and a bright blue top with Keep Calm And Carry On printed on it in white along with her red trainers.

Caroline turned to face Margo. “Have everything?”

“Yeah. I’m good to go.” Putting the bag around her shoulder she stepped out of the car. Caroline shuffled close to Josh’s window which caused him to breathe in and made a “Watch it” comment.

“Text us when you get to your room, and make sure you text us each day to make sure your-“

“Caroline. I’ll be fine.”

She sighed. “Alright. Be good and enjoy yourself.”

She shuffled back and Josh simply waved. They drove away. Leaving Margo at Blackwell.

She had a map of Blackwell in case she was lost but she could remember her dorm number being two-one-nine. So at least if she got very lost she could go there and take her time finding everything. Which she promised to do very little of. Unless I want to be late for class.

As soon as I get to my dorm room I’ll have a look at my timetable and have a brief look at the map. I need to remember everything.

Margo remembered the path to the girls dorm and she found herself right outside. A few boys were throwing an American football, but Margo would always call it a ruby ball. She saw a few girls hanging around too. She put her hands in her pockets and passed by all the students until she reach the dorm doors. Remembering her dorm number she made her way to her room but before entering she noticed a small message on the whiteboard next to her door.

Welcome to Blackwell – Blackwell academy xx

Nice welcome. I wonder who arranged to write that.

Margo decided she would think about it later as she entered her dorm room. Everything was the same and as Margo wanted it. She closed the door behind her and placed the laptop on the desk, plugging in the charger and allowing it to charge up. She sent Caroline a quick text to let her know she made it to her room ok. Carol texted back almost immediately.

Caroline: That’s great! Have a great time and remember to behave. See you on Saturday! Xxx

The three of them agreed that Margo would see them on weekends; Josh suggested that she could walk the dog while in her spare time. Fat chance. Margo was having problems bonding with dogs so there was no chance that she would walk Sam. she sighed. She still had less than a week until then so she had nothing to worry about at this moment. It was just her now, alone with her thoughts. She placed her bag down on the end of the bed and dug out her map and timetable. Today was Tuesday so she had to look up her classes on Tuesday.

First lesson is English AP.

Second lesson is The Language Of Photography. Great name.

Then Lunch for an hour.

Third lesson is Science.

Then last lesson is Media Literacy.

School ends at four pm.

English starts at ten in the morning, so I guess if I wake up at about six or seven in the morning I’ll have a few extra hours of spare time and possibly studying. Not that I can think about studying at SIX IN THE MORNING. Okay Margo, let’s see if you were serious about this whole “change” thing. Even if it means I have to get up at this ungodly hour of the morning. I promised myself this would be a new start and I intend to keep that promise.

Margo checked her watch. Quarter past nine. So I have fifteen minutes to figure out where my class is.

Margo took out the map and searched for each room she would be attending. Her memory for the most part was pretty good and she was able to remember which room was where when she was in secondary school back in England and she was good at remembering facts in classes. Since she managed to pass her exam in English it should have been easy for her. Then again being in America things might be different. She wasn’t sure. After she was sure where she was going she packed her things and headed for English.

All the way walking to English Margo’s hands were in her pockets, she still had that feeling about letting them out and she still couldn’t control her power as it would come out randomly. Class thankfully hadn’t started yet but the teacher was there along with the students. Last she checked she had about five minutes left so she sat down in an empty seat near the back and waited.

Before long she heard the bell ring.

“Ok everyone take your seats.” She said to all the students. She turned to Margo and looked at her curiously then she clicked her finger as if she remembered something. “Margo right?”

“Yes, miss.”

“Hello Margo, I’m Mrs Hoida. Your desk is just the one behind you.”

Margo moved to her actual seat and took out her writing equipment. Everyone was seated as Margo glanced around the class, a seat was empty.

Someone’s late…

Or maybe it’s just an empty seat… I hope it’s an empty seat.

Mrs Hoida called out people’s names through the register, when Margo’s name was called out people instantly looked at her. All she did was give a small wave. Suddenly the door bursted open and the one person she wished she wouldn’t encounter again arrived.

Nathan Prescott.

“Nathan, you’re late.” Miss said and all Nathan did was mumble something.

The empty seat was right next to Margo, an empty desk now occupied by Prescott. Great, now I’m sitting next to him.

Margo could feel herself panic and her breathing was caught in her throat. The action caught his attention right then he looked at her the same way he did back at the diner. Margo instantly looked away and felt herself sink into her seat.

Let’s try and get this over and done with, anything to stay away from him.

And for the rest of the lesson Margo and Nathan were reduced to glancing at each other, more him than her.

Once, when he caught her eyes, he looked like he was about to say something but instead sighed and looked away.

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