Secrets I Hold

Margo Connors moves to Arcadia Bay after being adopted. But soon after arriving she has strange and violent visions of the town being destroyed by a tornado. But this storm is a lot worse than anyone could imagine. With the help of some new friends and unlikely allies, Margo must stop the storm. But she soon learns that a price must be paid. How far would you go to save everyone?






The wind blocked out all the sound as the rain hit Margo’s clothes.

She was back at the lighthouse and safe from harm bur she couldn’t stop hearing the monsters killing and tearing people apart. Margo could taste the iron from the blood and hear the screams of the innocence dying.

Not again…

Then she felt something near her. Something warm and welcoming. She turned to see a deer appearing like mist near the lighthouse. It looked at her, stared straight into me but Margo didn’t feel like it was a threat, instead she felt safe. Everything else that was happening was no longer reaching Margo.

It was just her and the deer.

The sun hit Margo on her face as she slowly opened her eyes. Her cover was all over the place and nearly falling off the edge of the bed.

Hello morning…

With a groan she raised herself off the bed, her limbs felt slack and limp. It was obvious she wasn’t a morning person and preferred to lie in bed until noon. At least the day would go faster and I wouldn’t have to deal with the long hours of doing nothing for the whole day.

But this is a new start in life. So the first thing to change: get up early in the morning.

Margo couldn’t help but rub her arm, feeling the dry-blooded cuts across it. She really wished they would just fade.

Shaking her head she made her way out of her room, making sure to put on something like grey jeans and a black hoodie. Most people found this to be quite boring but Margo liked this style. After all there was the added bonus of hiding her scares….

Margo took small steps to the bottom floor; she thought that no one else would be awake at this time. What was the time? She checked her watch.

Eleven thirty in the morning. Well at least it’s not super early. And someone will definitely be up.

The kitchen was filled with the smell of breakfast, pancakes to be exact. Joshua was cooking; he didn’t seem to notice Margo. The layout of the kitchen was as follows: walking through the door and looking to her right would be where Joshua was making breakfast, brown cupboards and a fridge along with the oven and microwave. In the middle was the table with six chairs. The floor and walls were tiles of black and white.

Joshua looked over his shoulder and saw his niece and gave her a small wave, Margo returned it.

“Morning sleepy head. Didn’t expect you to be up this early.” He said while tending to the food. He put a special emphasis on the word ‘early’

“Been speaking to Caroline have you? Thought I would have a change.”

“Well it’s a good thing too, I made your favourite.”

Margo took a seat at the end of the table and put her hands in her pocket. “And you know my favourite because?”

“Oh, Caroline told me. She said it would be a treat for you.”

Margo smiled and shrugged. “It is. If it has the special ingredients.”

Joshua smirked while finishing off Margo’s breakfast and bringing it over to her.

Pancakes with chocolate sauce and banana, now you’re talking.

“Let me guess…Caroline?”

He nodded while smiling and returned to his pan of pancakes. “You two are almost alike.”

“I know. But she likes to deny it.”

“I figured, our parents used to say the same thing about me and Carol.”


He turned and gave a ‘you know’ look to Margo.

In response Margo nodded. Figures. They’re nothing alike.

Margo tucked into her breakfast while Joshua flipped his pancakes that landed perfectly into the pan. She ate her meal slowly and gently, savouring the moment. This type of breakfast was the one thing that made her happy in the mornings. She recalled eating it for the first time with her parents at this pancake restaurant in Hull. Banana with chocolate sauce was her all-time favourite; Mum would have the same while her Dad chose strawberries. She loved him for that.

Then he left. Without a word and left her Mum in charge to look after her. Every day she lost sight of her because of work and each day Margo believed her Mum was slowly losing herself.

Then after that…I was in a care home.

I can’t remember…why?

Margo felt a gentle hand on her shoulder which caused her to jump. Josh was standing next to her with a concerned face. “You ok kid?”

“I…yeah I’m fine.”

“You sure? You looked deep in thought.”

“It’s nothing, really.”

He looked her over, and then nodded. “Alright, but if there’s anything bothering you, anything at all. Just tell me. ‘k?”

“Sure. I will, promise.” She smiled at him, hiding her concerns.

Josh patted Margo on her back gently and sat down on the chair to her left. He was having a plain pancake.

“I would have thought there would be some excitement with your breakfast.” She said to him, looking at his meal.

“I’m not a fan of toppings. There’s a difference for ya. I don’t like toppings, yet your mother puts about a tone of sauce on hers.”

“I’ve noticed.”

“So I guess I’m the boring one.”

Margo raised her eyebrows. “You kidding me? Trust me, you’re far from boring.”

“Aw you’re just saying that.”

“No really, it’s true. I think you’re cool.”

“So you’ve only known me for a day and you’re already making judgments about me?”

“I’m quick to judge.”

Yep, you’re cool in my books Uncle Josh.

“What you two on about then?” Caroline was standing at the door with her arms folded.

Josh looked up and smirked. “You.”

She tilted her head slightly. “Me?”

Josh stood up and grabbed Carol’s plate. The pancake was plain. “Yep.”

She took it from him and sat. “And why were you talking about me?”

“No particular reason. Just that you use too much sauce on your food.”

“That’s not true.”

Josh sat back down. “The hell it isn’t. You go overboard with your food.”

She leaned forward. “That’s when I was, like, ten years old. I do know my limitations.”

Josh leaned forward as well. “Oh really?”


When did this turn into a staring contest?

Carol grabbed the strawberry sauce, but slammed it back down again. “You know what? Screw you, I’m not gonna have any sauce this time.”

Josh smirked and scoffed. “Yeah right. You can’t eat your breakfast without it.”

“I can! Watch me.” Caroline grabbed her fork and took the first bite out of her meal. “See?” she mumbled. “Tastes…great.”

Josh shook his head. “Come on sis, you know without the sauce it tastes as bland as it can get. You want that sauce.”

“Don’t tease me Josh.” Carol held out the fork like it was some sort of sword. “I’m not falling for it.”

Josh folded his arms and leaned in closer. “Go on. Just one drop. Can’t hurt you.”

“I’m not having any sauce!”

Margo tried to contain her laughter as much as she could. This is just too good.

“Carol you can’t keep this up, I know you can’t and more importantly, you know you can’t.”

“Shut up Josh, I…” Caroline looked at the strawberry sauce. She looked for a long time, showing a face of regret. “Fuck you Josh.” She quickly grabbed the sauce and ducked it onto her meal.

He smirked. “Got ya. No one can resist my persuasion.”

Caroline began eating at a fast pace. “I hate you Joshua Connors.”

“As I you, Caroline.”

Margo couldn’t hold it in any longer as she released her laughter.

Caroline looked at her with confusion. “What’s funny?”

Margo giggled and covered her mouth to make sure she didn’t snort in laughter. “You and him. Oh my god, I love you guys.”

Soon the whole room was filled with laugher. 

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