Secrets I Hold

Margo Connors moves to Arcadia Bay after being adopted. But soon after arriving she has strange and violent visions of the town being destroyed by a tornado. But this storm is a lot worse than anyone could imagine. With the help of some new friends and unlikely allies, Margo must stop the storm. But she soon learns that a price must be paid. How far would you go to save everyone?






After that hilarious scene that was meant to be breakfast Caroline and Joshua cleaned up the table. Caroline entered a defeated moody stage while Joshua continued to smirk whenever he had the chance.

Brothers and sisters, how they amuse me.

Margo went to helped clean up; after all it was her breakfast too and she didn’t want the two siblings to cause another argument over something little and stupid. Caroline wasn’t joking when she told Margo about her uncle, but she described him loosely. When she saw him she imagined a man who took nothing seriously and teased his sister. His hair was short and messy unlike Caroline’s long and not fizzy hair.  His eyes were blue like his sisters and he had a shaven beard. Margo figured she must have looked like an outcast to them seeing as she wasn’t blood related. It made her feel left out, like she didn’t belong with them.

I guess I never will…

Noticing her worry, Caroline placed a hand on Margo’s shoulder. “Margo?”

“Hm? Oh, sorry. I’m just daydreaming.” She shook her head.

“Oh, well sorry about that whole scene back there,” Caroline glared at her brother. “My brother can be very…annoying at times.”

He only laughed. “Cause you ask for it.”

“I do not!”

“Do to.”

Margo found herself giggling again. “Guys, enough already.”

“He started it!”

“And I’m ending it.”

Caroline sighed. “Alright, sorry.”

Margo smiled at her; it was close to a smirk. “Don’t be. It was quite funny and entertaining.”

Caroline stared at her daughter and after a while returned the smile.

Joshua grabbed a towel and cleaned himself. “By the way, after we clean up I’ll be taking you to your new senior school.”

“So you get yourself into some different clothes and freshen yourself up,” Caroline spoke. “Because there’s no way you’re wearing the same clothes you did last night.”

Margo looked down at her clothes and frowned. “What’s wrong with that?”


Margo sighed. “Fine.” She cleaned herself up and headed out the kitchen, she was going to climb the stairs if it wasn’t for Dog Sam sitting there and not moving.

“Er…hey boy, mind moving?” she asked him while gesturing her hands for him to move, but instead of moving he remained still panting away like nothing was going on. “Erm…Josh?”

Josh peeked his head through the door. “Sam! Here boy.” Sam barked and moved towards him.


“You have to be stern with him. Your tone is what counts, not the words.”

She understood and nodded, dogs weren’t her strongest point and she liked observing them rather than getting involved with them. Shaking the thought out of her head, she strolled upstairs. In her room she searched in her backpack, a white hoodie and blue jeans with red trainers. Sounds like a good pair. After putting them on she freshened herself in the bathroom and stared long and hard at the mirror.

Looking  back at her was a black haired girl, she looked about eighteen, dark blue eyes and a fringe that was way too long, it reminded Margo of those anime girls with the fringe over their eyes and you still wonder how their not irritated by it. She had to admit she was a little irritated, but also had to admit that she looked quite cool with an anime hairstyle. She splashed some water on her face then brushed her teeth and hair. Taking one last look at herself she sighed and headed out.

It took about twenty minutes to get to Blackwell Academy and Margo quickly noticed how huge it was, bigger than any school she’d seen. Around this time, which was twelve in the afternoon, all the students were taking a break for lunch. At the steps were a few guys with their skateboards looking cool and calm.

There were quite a lot of people around and most of them were eating their lunch and others just sat around and gossiped about whatever. Margo decided to keep to herself and not talk to anyone. The three of them approached the entrance to the main building and entered through the main double doors. Inside was packed full of students, it surprised her just how many there was. Outside the office stood a smartly dressed man with chocolate-like skin, he walked towards the three and greeted them while lifting his hand to shaking each of theirs. He gestured towards the office which said ‘Principles office.’ Another thing to remember. No headmaster anymore.

When they entered someone was already present, he was slumping in one of the three chairs that were already set out for them.

The principle spoke calmly. “You may leave now Mr Prescott.”

He stood with his hands clenched and a look of boredom mixed with rage was painted on his face. “About fucking time.” The principles eyes narrowed but otherwise he did nothing.

What the hell…? Who swears in front of the head master-…Principle? And how the hell is he getting away with it?

He made his way out before stopping beside Margo. His expression was hard to make out when he looked at her. Some would say he was pissed off. Margo? She would say he was confused or even shocked, but the fact that he kept looking at her weirdly made Margo doubt herself.

Margo could tell he wanted to say something because he kept opening his mouth slightly and his eyes moving inch by inch, searching me. In this moment Margo felt extremely uncomfortable.

 I can’t keep this up. I have to say something. “Erm…I think the principle said you could go.” At least I said principle and not headmaster.

Margo noticed that what she said wasn’t what he was expecting because he frowned and looked more confused. But rage was mixed in there somewhere, Margo had a strange feeling he would lash out at any given time.

“You…don’t know me?” He spoke slowly and with a low voice.

Now it was Margo’s turn to be confused. “…What-“

The Principle cut her off. “Mr Prescott. You may talk to Miss Connors later. But right now we have things to discuss.”

The principle sat at his desk and gestured a seat. Prescott left without saying a word as they sat. Margo kept her head down and her hands hidden in her pockets, but she didn’t slump in her seat. Caroline was sat on her left, Joshua on the right with Margo in the middle. Being the student I guess I would sit in the middle.

“Apologies, Mr Prescott can be quite troublesome, but I can assure you that bad behaviour is rare at Blackwell.”

I doubt that.

 “Now then, on to business.” He brought his hands to the desk and intertwined them. “Margo, your dorm room is nearly complete so there’s no need to worry about that.”

“Thank you, sir.”

“However, we still need to consider timetables. At the most they will take around a day or so to be complete.”

“That’s ok, sir.” At least I’ll have more time to explore Arcadia Bay.

“We just need a signed signature from you and your parents.”

He thinks their my parents. Well, they are…in a way.

The principle, who was named Principle Wells, gave the three a paper to sign and they signed it. Principle Wells stood from his chair. “Now then Miss Connors, a student has offered to take you on a tour of Blackwell, he knows his way around so you can count on him.”


The door opened behind them and Margo was greeted by a brown haired student with a blue shirt and striped sleeves.

“Did someone order a tour guide?” He spoke humorously.

A small laugh came out of her mouth. 

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