Secrets I Hold

Margo Connors moves to Arcadia Bay after being adopted. But soon after arriving she has strange and violent visions of the town being destroyed by a tornado. But this storm is a lot worse than anyone could imagine. With the help of some new friends and unlikely allies, Margo must stop the storm. But she soon learns that a price must be paid. How far would you go to save everyone?






Since it was only the morning and Margo couldn't get Mum to pick her up, she waited in the infirmary until her face returned to normal. Well at least that was what Margo told myself. Really, she was scared of seeing anyone so she hid away until school had ended. After the final bell had rung Margo waited another half an hour before walking home.

On the walk back she managed to avoid the majority of the students and those she did run into didn’t seem to notice anything was wrong. Some gave her odd looks as she walked past though, probably wondering why she was acting so strange. Margo was glad. Although it’s inevitable that eventually everyone will know what had happened. In fact, with five other kids having witnessed it, she was confused as to how everyone didn’t know already.

Margo pondered this as she turned the corner and ran straight into a hard chest. Arms wrapped around her and before she could scream a hand came over her mouth and some scratchy fabric was placed over her eyes, then her mouth. The girl thrashed about wildly trying to get away from whoever had hold of her. Pain shot through her as a fist pummelled into her stomach. If it wasn’t for the hands holding her up she would have curled up on the floor, winded. She couldn't stop the vomit that rose up her throat and mingled with the fabric, making Margo gag even more.

“Are you sure we should be doing this?” The voice was familiar. Matt. 

“This bitch had it coming. This is all her fault.” Margo was sure that was Michael. The 6ft 5, very bulky, guy who did boxing as a sport. Just what she needed. Margo managed to think through the pain. He too, had been there this morning and she was willing to bet that the other three were here too. “Thanks to you, Elliot has been expelled. You don’t realise how much you have ruined his life.”

Me? Ruined his life?

She didn’t get to think about that long before his fists came down once more. They didn’t leave until she was half dead. Her body bruised and broken. Her face was swollen and her throat hoarse. She laid there for what felt like hours until she gathered her remaining strength and hobbled home with one thought keeping her going. She imagined Mum taking her in her arms and telling her that everything was going to be all right. She would stroke Margo’s hair and sing her to sleep, just like she used to do.

Margo reached her house and slammed the door behind her. Throwing her keys on the table she collapsed against the door, resting her head on the cool wood. “Mum!” she tried to shout but it came out as more of a whisper.

That’s when she saw the note.

Working overtime again. Tea is in the fridge. Don’t make a mess.

Mum xxx

Tears anew distorted her vision as with the very last of her strength she climbed the stairs and collapsed into her mother’s bed, pulling the sheets around her. Margo’s whole body cried out with every step. She thought about going to the hospital. Yet some irrational feeling made her unable to pick up the phone. If she wasn’t here when her mum got home she would panic, think she left her like dad did. Margo couldn't do that to her.

So she waited. Writing in pain. Until her mother came home.

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