You and I

Carl and Isabella meet as the walkers are on a rampage, since she was hiding inside Alexandria.


1. prolauge

             The walkers are coming. I thought to myself. I ran out of the sewer type I ran out as quietly as I could. Walkers had now invaded my home. I covered it with the metal lid and sat down. Soon a young boy came by. "Hey, how did you get in here?" he asked. "I lived in the sewer but walkers invaded it. I had no idea that it lead here." I explained. "I'm Carl." He said. "Isabella." I said back shaking his hand. "Lets get you cleaned up." he said and took my hand. We walked to his house. He got me some new clothes and a towel and showed me the bathroom.


         Once I was finished getting dressed I steped out and saw Carl talking with his dad down stairs. "Oh hey. Isabella this is my Dad Rick, Dad this is Isabella." Carl stated firmly as I walked down the stairs. "Hi Rick." I said shyly. "I checked with Dianna she said you could stay here in this house. But you will have to either stay upstairs in one of the rooms or on the couch." He stated before disappearing out the door.

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