You and I

Carl and Isabella meet as the walkers are on a rampage, since she was hiding inside Alexandria.


2. Our song

*Isabella's p.o.v*

      I woke up and took  shower I started randomly singing nightcore- love song perfectly in tune. Once I was out Carl gave me my space so I could change. "You can come back in." I stated a little louder than usual. He came in with a bright smile. "You have a beautiful voice!" He complimented me. "Thanks!" I stated blushing. "What was that song you were singing?" Carl asked me. "Um Love song by Nightcore." I said giggling a bit. "Did I ever tell you that your very beautiful." Carl said putting some of my wet hair behind my ear. He leaned. I pushed my self toward him. Our lips touched. We both moved our lips in unison. Glen then walked in. "Hey guys." Glen stated making us pull apart faster than necessary. "Don't worry I won't tell Rick, but don't be doing anything else than this." Glen warned us, then walked back downstairs. "Where were we?" I asked. "This." Carl stated pulling me back toward him. We kissed until Rick called us for dinner.



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