Lets Find Who Made Love

Here are all my emotions


3. Thought


         So Im back here writing. This doesn't even seem like a book anymore. The guy I talked about last chapter was obviously my crush. Through the year I learned he was dating someone...that broke me. But I guess I got to a point where I could talk to him and he asked me if I liked him. It was be honest or Lie. I was honest and said d"A little." and he said "oh" I asked him if he liked me even though I knew him answer would be no....he said "A little."

         When he said this him and his gf were broken up and I though yea maybe we could actually be a thing and maybe on the last day of school he'd ask me out....the last day of school was also the day before my birthday. That last day I waited all day and at the end of the day he hugged me and said bye. Thats it and left. On kik i expected a happy birthday text or something but I never got one. I guess he didn't care. Thought school was over and that hurt me so much and he'd never know how I'd feel because Im too afraid to text him. Especially  since his Ex is back in his bio with a key and lock next to her name. Yay. I guess she was meant for him. She was a highschooler too and were still in middle school - hell we have one more year in middle school.

He'll never know how much it hurts

He doesn't even care

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