Lets Find Who Made Love

Here are all my emotions


2. Make Up

I love it when we fight just to make up

Funny how bad words turn to making love

I get under your skin babe just because 

I love it when we fight just to make up


                                    Make Up by R. City ft. Chloe Angelnides


     That crush you have that you know you won't get. The feeling when the nerds are happy together. How you feel like you won't get any hope at all. We all live in this kingdom. You have the Prince (The Fuckboy who is dating the Slut and  the guy everyone knows about) And a Princess (The Slut who is dating the fuck boy and everyone knows) The peasants (The people who have nothing to do with them) The servants (The people you can get easily to do your homework) Rumpelstiltskin (The person you make deals with) and just you. You have dealt with them before but don't know them well, have helped them/ made deals - Like who the hell are you?

     You pretend your Snow White, or Belle - A princess who has a flaw but still gets the guy. Lemme guess...... Rejected. Yea were not who we want to be. Hey my name is Cat. I'm exactly that. I'm the girl who wears that cycle of big baggie sweaters and black tights every morning and black boots. Hey - I'm a weird little nothing. Here are my friends - Crystal. Um, yea it kind of stops there. Crystal is why i dress up once in a blue moon like a scream queens slut. White three inch heels, Black tights, A cute white shirt and a Ariana Grande hairstyle with full makeup. I feel like Cinderella those days and those days all the peasaents, Princes, Princesses, Servents and all the others notice me. Then I'm baggie sweater Cat the next day. I think some people don't think I'm the same person.

    So my "Prince" Crush is named Sean. He sits behind me in health. Of all classes it was the one where we learn how babies are made. Awesome. I turn and talk to him and I'm surprised words actually come out. I managed to get his kick and text him and yea thats pretty much it. I'm wondering if he'd even like someone with a weird name like "Cat" Like who the hell is named Cat? I hope he sees past it.


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