Lets Find Who Made Love

Here are all my emotions


1. Lets Find Who Made Love





            What an asshole


            We can love who we want




                Baby when I first felt your lips

                 I fell in love,

                Baby you know I was right

                This was just so us,


                Born by the opposite of a Queen,

                Your arranged to a Princess who's Shining,

                But what if me and the Prince - that wasn't so us,

                Is it illegal to fall in love?




          A guy can make your world and make you smile and that means love. A guy can always hook up with you and take you to clubs and that could also mean love. But did you ever have to kiss someone and then you just like them but since you were kind of forced to kiss them you play it off? Well this is about a weird type of love.

         "Royal!" Yelled The over sized short maid. "Royal!" 

         "What?" Yelled Royal from her bedroom three stories up. The maid Sighed. The maid lifting her black dress hurried up the stairs and entered Royal's room.

          "Princess Royal -" The maid stopped to see Royal making out with the prince. The maid cleared her voice.

          "Royal." The maid said. "You have a ball for your 16th birthday tonight, shouldn't you be getting ready?" Asked the maid.

          "I got it." Said Royal in between making out. The maid left feeling discussed. Royal stopped making out with the prince. "Wanna help me get ready?" She asked the prince.

            "How do I help?" Asked the Prince.

            "I'm taking a shower first." Said Royal sounding like a slut. Royal Smiled.

            "I'll tell the maid to get you a warm towel." Said the prince making space between him and Royal. Royal took a breath and went to her bathroom.

           "Such a Slut." Said Cat a girl hanging upside-down from the balcony roof with a camera taking a video said. As Cat laughed she dropped her ring on the floor of the granite balcony floor. 

           "Who's there?" Asked the Prince taking out a sword. The prince traced the noise to the balcony to find the ring on the floor. "This is nice." The prince said out loud. "I'm gonna use it as a wedding ring."

           "No!" Whimpered Cat as she jumped down on the princes head and took the ring from his two fingers. Cat ran to the railing of the balcony to only remember she was three stories up.

           "Who are you whats your name." Said the Prince, the sword pointed towards Cats heart.

           "Cat." Cat said quietly. "Please let me go."

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