The year is 1952 and 23 year old Ash Leezer is starting to feel the affects of becoming an adult. Wake up, eat, work, sleep. His biggest fears start to become his life. The fear of conformity. The fear of no adventure. Then he meets a fiery red head named Milli who destroys everything he knows and the society he once believed and takes him on adventure that has no end. Starting with the hunt for a man with an unknown first name. B. Leezer.



  Life is...Life is, as an optimist, a journey leading to new adventures and on the way we find a partner that will journey with us, and the children we raise will live on and tell our tales when we no longer can. Life is, as a pessimist, a series of bittier and harsh realities. The world is ruled by the damned and it's our job to find someone who, thinks, acts, and feels like us and to raise children who we think won't be as damned as that other person's kid, but in reality we are all just absolutely, devastatingly, awful. Jealous and wicked. Life is, as a realist, well, life. The world isn't damning, but it's not beautiful either. It's our job as humans to try and help fight the tyranny and corruption, but as long there are people evil will reign, but that doesn't necessarily mean all our problems are irreparable.
        What am I? I am none of these things, but in the same sense I am all of these things. I, like an optimist , believe that life is a journey. I, like a pessimist, believe that the world is more selfish and evil than giving and good. I, like a realist, believe that we, as humans can fix some of our problems, but there is always going to be someone with other motives that ruins life for the rest of us. How can I be all these things? I don't know, but the longer I live the more my views change.
        I would do anything to go back in time and know the things I do now. Maybe things would have played out different. Maybe I would have a family. Maybe I would hate my life. Don't get me wrong. I'm not unhappy, but I help can't but to think how my life would turn out if it wasn't for that  hot summer day of 1952. If I hadn't met Milli. I honestly probably would have turned out like my Uncle Ralph. Bitter. Even in my younger years I longed for something more. Some new adventure to sweep me off my feet. Maybe that's why I was a "troubled" teenager.
        I frequently got to drunk for my own good and ran around downtown breaking things and getting picked up by the cops. My rebellious nature made me a "tough" child. I was constantly doing things I knew were wrong, but I did them anyways, for the thrill I guess. Maybe I was acting out in fear, war was raging and all the government had to do was snap their fingers and I would be sent off to die, Having a tarnished record may have disqualified me. I personally think I acted out in fear of conformity. The fear of having no adventure. Really, just the fear of being fearful.
        As I got older I became more distant from my parents. My father and I argued frequently. We disagreed on fundamentals. Times were changing and the economy was slowly getting better. I do remember vividly one Christmas my father and I got in to a fist-fight. It was because I was drunk and cursing at my Uncle Mathew. He was talking in support of war. My father wasn't having any of me that night and confronted me. Words were exchanged and punches were thrown. After our fight he pulled out his wallet and told me to go stay at a hotel for a couple of nights and against my mother's pleas I stormed out of the house.
        I went to some trash motel in the next town over. It's long gone now... Most of my time their I just laid in bed and heard in to my surrounding rooms. Mostly men and their mistresses coming in and out of the rooms, but occasionally it was men and men. Other times it was women and women. On my last couple of days there I frequently flirted with a girl that was 16 at the time, I only a year older then her. most of the time she dodged me, but then one night, my second to last night, she came in to my room, and well, details are unimportant, but I swear I didn't realize she was the owner's daughter. Well of course until the next day, when her father and brother dragged me out of my room. I couldn't blame them. It was 1946. Deflowering girls you weren't married to was practically illegal. Especially in a small town like that. 
        I finally went home that night after four days. My mother cried and hugged me when saw me. She asked what I've been doing and where I've been. I, of course, left out the details she wouldn't take to kindly. When my father saw me, he just rolled his eyes and walked into the kitchen. My mother wiped away her tears and told me not to mind my father. Which I didn't. My father wouldn't even look at me and even less talk at me for the rest of the year. Which was about two days. The first words he did say to me was "You're a disappointment." Which I did not protest to. I was a disappointment, I knew that. It was no big secret. I was awful. I was a true disappointment. I didn't make eye contact with him for a solid three months. That's when I finally apologized and my father just hugged me. I even  think I saw him tearing up, but I never asked him if he actually was, because he would be to prideful to admit it.
        Now Here I am 16 years later. When I think back on all those time I feel a small feeling of remorse start building up. I didn't realize my time with my parents would be cut short. I feel as though I took Rosemary, my fiancee, who I met when I was 20,  for granted. She really helped straighten me out. I thought we would have all the time in the world together. I just believed Ralph would always be around. Never did I think my Uncle, who I admired, to a point, just wouldn't be there.
        I played them all for fools. I played everyone for fools. I should be dead, but I roam the earth with a secret. I don't have friends, besides the people that are like me. We are the damned of the damned. Our stories are long and complex. It takes time to tell, but I have all the time in the world. Do you? No the answer is no. Your just a mere mortal with a curiosity for things above you. Look around you! Your society is controlled by Gods that create wars, plague, famine, and kill the worthy and the unworthy with the same amount of horror and devastation.
        Humans obsess to become worthy and powerful, but fear the consequences and responsibility. FEAR ME! I am powerful! I have played Death himself! I have become death! Now just hope and pray we don't cross paths at the wrong time, because I kill indiscriminately. FEAR ME! For I am practically immortal. Very few things can do harm to me. I live in the shadows along with my people. We were created by the persecuted and destroyed by them. That's what happens when your creations get to powerful... They must die.
        I kill to to survive. Death is basically my friend and when I do  meet my fate I'll do it with a smile, knowing that even the immortal won't survive in the end. I just hope the people I have played  can forgive me. I try not to dwell on it. They are the past and I am the present and I am the future. I am Ash Leezer and I am a disappointment. I am Ash Leezer and I am damned. I am Ash Leezer and I am immortal.

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