The word I couldn't say

He made so many mistakes but every time I looked into those big brown eyes I forgave him all over again.


30. She…… part 2

1. She thinks she talks too long.

I promise you,

she doesn’t.

Listen to her talk for hours on end,

because you’re going to want to die missing it one day. 

2. She thinks she’s too fat.

I promise you, she’s not.

Kiss her arms and her stomach and her thighs and tell her honestly how beautiful she is to you,

because look at her,

you’ll never get someone with skin that glows like that again.

3. She thinks she’s too opinionated.

I promise you,

she’s not.

Allow her to argue about why tomatoes are,

in fact a fruit,

because even if you don’t believe it now,

you will later.

4. She thinks she’s too loud.

I promise you,

she’s not.

She gets excited about seeing you;

there will never be a time you’re annoyed with that.

5. She thinks she’s too mean.

 My god,

I promise you,

she’s not.

She’ll tell you about that one time she didn’t say hello back to the boy who ended up breaking her heart for the first time, because he used that against her a lot.

That girl will do absolutely anything for you.

So just fucking kiss her and turn on her favorite movie. 

6. She thinks she’s too ugly for you. 
Don’t be a fucking idiot.
Interrupt her by kissing her beautiful lips and tell her everything you love about her.

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