The word I couldn't say

He made so many mistakes but every time I looked into those big brown eyes I forgave him all over again.


63. I want

When I say I miss you, it’s much more than that. I want to wake up next to you, every day. I want to hold you in my arms when you’re having nightmares during the wee hours. I want to spend all the good moments with you – even the bad. I want you to witness my clumsiness and laugh at it because we’re comfortable with each other’s flaws. I want to spend every day with you because I want to get used to your scent like it’s the only thing that I’m addicted to. I want more lazy days with you. I want to come home to you after a long, tiring day from work. I want your arms to hold me tight when I’m about to give up and you’ll be there pushing me and motivating me that I can do better. I want to rest my head on your chest and stay there until I fall asleep. I want to roll over the other side of the bed and hear your breathing as the sun kisses your cheek at 7am in the morning. I want your face to be last thing that I see before I doze off every night and wander to dreamland. I want everything with you. And when I say I miss you, it’s almost close to saying that I love you. and I want to spend my tomorrows with you. I hope it’s not too much to ask

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