The word I couldn't say

He made so many mistakes but every time I looked into those big brown eyes I forgave him all over again.


45. I want real friends

To be honest all I will ever ask for is to meet some real friends.

I don’t want any part time ‘I’m only going to be here for the gossip’ type friends.


I want the ‘I’ll be by your side no matter what’ type friends.

The friends that’ll actually ask me if I want to hang out.

The friends who want to travel the world and get lost.

The friends who’ll help me every step of the way and make me laugh until my stomach aches.

Because God am I sick and tired of being last choice for all of these fake ass friends,

I am sick of waiting around,

stuck inside when I know for a fact that everyone else.

My 'friends’ are having fun and I didn’t even get an invite.

Better yet I didn’t even get an 'I’m always here for you’ text when I needed it the most.

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