The word I couldn't say

He made so many mistakes but every time I looked into those big brown eyes I forgave him all over again.


72. For a while

For a while, the world seemed to only exist in shades of black and white and gray. Those four words, “I don’t love you,” stole all the color from her life. Everything was still there, the world continued turning, the hours continued to drag on day after day after day. She didn’t know that one person could do that. She couldn’t comprehend how a single human being could make half the world disappear with a single sentence. She couldn’t seem to find the beauty in anything, even though it was all completely unchanged. She had given him the key to her happiness and forgotten to keep one for herself. But then one day, something simple happened, and flowers and the sky and other people’s eyes started to change color. It wasn’t that she met someone else or that she fell in love at first sight with a stranger on the street. She didn’t melt into the touch of someone’s hand and she didn’t get the number of that cute boy at the bookstore. She simply decided that she could make herself as happy as anyone else could, and her world repainted itself in water colors and pastels. She chose to look for the beauty in the world, create it if she had to, rather than accept the fact that she gave someone enough power to take it from her. She immersed herself in he love that surrounded her; her best friend and her mother and the elderly man who smiled at her on the bus. And before she knew it, she was living in a world with a circus of colors, and she was loving in a way she had forgotten was possible. And she did fall in love again, a little ways down the road. She gave him her heart and he gave her his, and they shared a last name and made each others’ worlds a little more beautiful than before. But she never gave him the key to her happiness because she didn’t need to; he could unlock it all by himself, and that’s how she knew that she was finally home.

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