2. school

I'm not the popular one at school.Does it help that she stole my glasses so i ended up stumbling around the school and bumped into her boyfriend who i accidently kissed.That made her give them back.Ive now been nicknamed boyfriend stealer.My phone has been buzzing all day.I decided to text him.He replied almost instantly.

Hi do you have time to talk?-kendra

Joe-sure.what time?

I was thinking now-kendra

Joe-how about coffee shop on maine street in an hour.


Joe-see you there

I pulled my hair into a high pony tail and curled it roughly.I grabbed my purse and drove to the coffee shop.I went inside and sat at the high table.After 5 minutes i got bored of waiting and ordered a pumpkin spice latte.I took a sip before tapping my bitten nails on the mug.I kept glancing at my watch.Always count on boys o be late.Then i saw him...

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