6. abortion center

The chairs were uncomfy.

"So u really dont want a kid do u"

"Not if i can help it .it could ruin my career"

"What carreer is that i say satastic and moody.

"Serious u dont know me.joe sugg"he aays deadly serious.

IM gobsmacked.

We are called in and i take a test.

The doctor begins"so unfortunately You are not eligiblek for an abortion as you are too far into the pregnancy although you can put the child up for adoption if you arent ready to be parents..."

I interrupt.

"I want the kid its him who doesnt"

I storm out the room and hear joe calling after me.I run and get a cab. I call katherine.

"He doesnt want the kid.when i get home she gets me comfy before going to cook some wonter soup

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