5. 2 month later

To mum im anxiety eating and i havent seen joe.Im gonna tell him today

Joe woke up in his boxers with friends dancing and doing karaoke. "Ill call back later"

I turn to leave but he shouts coffee shop five minutes.

As i sit i pat my stomach.Joe comes to me with a pumpkin spice latte.I turn my nose up at it.

"Ok u have changed alot in two months"he says sarcastically."stop it im serious this is important"he holds his hands up in defence.

"Joe,Im pregnant"

He bursts out paughing

"Yeah right kendra"

"Shut it im serious"

He face goes pale.

"It was one time"

"One time is all it takes i answer"

Next thinf i know he has dragged me to an abortion center.

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