Goals, Gifts and Goodbyes

"Friends are the family we choose for ourselves."


4. My New Year's Resoluton 2016


Now, this is probably the section which holds the most benefit to the readers…my actual New Year’s resolution that I have failed to mention up until this point.


In simple terms, in my near future, I want to be able to sustain this level of happiness I feel whenever I know I will be with the people I care about, as I know that the pressures from homework, exams, jobs, and the general college lifestyle will be extremely demanding, so along the way, I may unfortunately forget the importance of maintaining these strong friendships that I have now.

Therefore, in the upcoming, crucial year of my life, where sudden change is imminent, my New Year’s Resolution for 2016 is to maintain the effort to stay in strong contact with my friends, and to relish in these last few months with them all; knowing things will be very different in the next schooling year. I don’t want to find myself with the stress building to soaring heights alongside my stack of ‘yet to do’ homework with thoughts like:


“I wish I had made the time to meet up with the others in the Summer.”


“Why didn't I just reply to her messages?”


“I shouldn't have declined that day out with so-and-so.”


I believe it’s important to find a healthy balance between your social, independent, and educational life, as an unstable lifestyle will lead to unhappiness.
Consequently, I want an early start in making sure I can enjoy the times I share with my friends, and the days yet to come, because once I start that gruelling journey into my future, it’s those memorable times that will keep me moving.


So yes, I will I be able to find the courage to leave the comfortability of what I know to strive for my personal goals.


So yes, alongside my friends, I will be able to carry that same positivity into the next stage in my future.


So yes, I will have the strength to continue the journey, even without the people that lead me to the crossroads in the first place-


-because the memories that I will continue to make in the next year will be the thing that drives me forward.

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