Goals, Gifts and Goodbyes

"Friends are the family we choose for ourselves."


3. My Goodbyes


This crossroad that I stand at; waiting for those pending steps I soon must take, seems extremely daunting at this stage in my life, especially knowing the fact that I may have to say a few goodbyes to some of my friends in order to complete that intimidating challenge. These goodbyes, I hope, will not be permanent but, they will be farewells to the familiarity that I share with my friends, due to their disappearance from my daily life.


Many of us will be moving on to fulfil our own separate journeys- even if it means we may have to leave the comfortability of people we care about to start that expedition. Fortunately, the size of our group provides a benefit that some people will be following similar paths to their goal, so we will at least have someone with us, however, as much as that notion is certainly enlightening, I know deep down, the group will not be the same with some of us missing from the general times spent together.

Of course, this isn't a reason to give up at all, our friendships will still remain, even in the times when we’re apart (I'm aware of the cliché), but I can’t help but prepare myself for the change in lifestyle that I will have to face, with some of my friends not there to support me.


Will I have the strength to continue that journey, even without the people that lead me to the crossroads in the first place?  

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