Goals, Gifts and Goodbyes

"Friends are the family we choose for ourselves."


2. My Gifts


If you didn't notice initially, I have indeed chosen a personal photo from my collection as the cover of this dialogue…novella…ramblings…whatever you wish to call it, mainly because it consists of my friends and I- an important factor in my New Year’s Resolution this year. I had a colossal heap of photos to choose from, but I feel this particular one, highly represents the continuous motif of this entire monologue: the importance that we look towards our goals; knowing that, what we have already accomplished will intertwine with our foreseeable futures. One of these accomplishments, for me, would definitely be the close bonds I have made with the people in my life, as I know that I will always have someone beside me.



It was a present I received on my birthday that made me truly appreciate the gift of friendship that will unfortunately change, as I start journeying across my chosen path; a beautiful plaque which reads:


"Friends are the family we choose for ourselves.”


I am lucky enough to possess a friendship group that somewhat resembles the layers of an onion (A strange choice I know): I have a numerous circle of friends, but retain different connections with them, some stronger than others. Through the years, this group has adapted greatly; ranging from different sizes, greeting new people to our circle, and even seeing others depart, nevertheless, I wouldn't want to alter this constant change, as I've grown closer to the people who have stuck by me the longest, and even built extremely close friendships with people I would never have expected to be a trustworthy and caring companion in my life.
The quote rings true like a bell, as these choices I have made provides another aspect of happiness to my life and these people are indeed, like an extra, huge family.


Therefore, it’s another thing that I know won’t be the same when I leave for college.


My friendship group, that shares vast memories; ranging from despairing periods, to the days that send sheer exuberance, delight and bliss at the recollection, will be changed, as I enter a new age in my schooling lifestyle. Of course, these memories will not be tarnished or forgotten by this adjustment, but the worry still lingers that this huge friendship may lose that spark that I currently reside in.


Will I, alongside my friends, be able to carry that same positivity into the next stage in our futures? 

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