LifeLine (Kenny Holland Fanfic)

Jacob Whitesides sister Sirena always gets bullied at school. The guy that helps her through everything is Kenny Holland.

Read to find out more.


3. We arrived to our house :)

       Jacob and I got out of the car and we went to the front door. Then I was scared to open the door so Jacob did and I was really scared of who was gonna be in my living room like Jacob said. I walked in and I was focused on one person and one person only.


KENNY HOLLAND was in my fucking living room. I was so happy you have no idea. I've loved Kenny for so long its not even funny. The sun would always shine low for me everyday in school and now since he's been in my life i'm still alive and not dead like I was going to do in high school. But now since Kenny's in my living room I just wanted to go and attack him with hugs and kisses. I just couldn't stop myself. so, I ran to the kitchen and when I sat down at the table Kenny walked in and said


"Are you ok?? I just wanted to make sure even though your brother said not to."


"I'm just so shocked that........." I couldn't finish I was so scared and afraid but happy at the same time that Kenny was here.


"Go ahead you can tell me. I mean I'll go get your brother if you don't want to tell me. It's fine by me." Kenny explained.


"No It's fine I can tell you because its for you to hear not my brother." I said and told Kenny to come sit next to me. I was really scared but I had to tell him.


"So what do I have to hear!" Kenny exclaimed.


"Ok here we go. I've listened to you since 2014 on vine I started to listen to you and watch you. Then you sang Lifeline and I was so into it and it was only a couple seconds long and now it became 3 minutes and 51 seconds long. I was just so proud of you when I heard the song hit the charts and just YouTube in general. But to tell you the truth I love you and you helped me save myself and not kill myself for being bullied. I was bullied for being ugly and smart and just being a person that doesn't fit in with anybody. So I started to cut and tried to overdose but I always got caught from my mom or my sister. I just wanted to die and I just kept cutting for a year. then you're music started to come out and I listened to the stories they told and how you shouldn't think of what other people said to you or what people told you to do. they are them and you are yourself. I just didn't want to go cause I didn't meet you yet or Sammy or Skate or Jack & Jack so I just stopped and I healed. I was just so scared and felt like what they were saying to me was true. I felt like I had to die so that they would be happy. But instead my mom took my out of school for a vacation to Arizona to see you. I was really happy and I couldn't wait to meet you and see you. But then when I got to the arena I saw you were getting ready for the show and I was late already for the meet and greet. So I had to wait the after school meet and greet. So I went and after the show I waited and waited and the security went to kick me out but then  you noticed me and you said no she was here before and she didn't get to meet me because she was late. Please come over here and sit with me. I only 18 when I met you then and you were the same age as me. I was just happy I still got to meet you. Then I saw that you wanted to talk but I just didn't want to tell you everything. So I gave you my letter I wrote for you with everything explained in it. I just didn't want to take up your time. I'm just in love with you Kenny and I don't know how much to thank you for saving my life." I explained and I started to cry as I looked at Kenny get teary eyed.


"OMG I'm so sorry Sirena. I am so happy that I saved you. Come here give me a hug." Kenny said. " Plus to tell you the truth your really cute and you're really pretty to and I love you too!!"


I was so flattered that I started to blush a lot and I had to stop so that they wouldn't notice even though I was crying too. So we got up and walked back into the living room. I went and sat by Jacob and Kenny sat in his seat.


"So Sirena we are here because, Kenny here heard your voice and he wants to sing songs with you and a lot of others too." They managers said.

I almost passed out but I was all good and I all I need was to drink some water and sit up and say WHAT?!

I was so excited to sing with Kenny and many others. I was so prepared for this to happen. But with Kenny especially since he called me cute and pretty and that he loves me too.


I agreed and then I got up and shook their hands and with that I signed a contract and they left. But before Kenny left he gave me his number and I gave him mine too. So I saved myself as Fluffy <3 and he saved himself as Unicorn :). I started to laugh when he saved himself as that. I wanted to die. Then we looked at each other hugged and he kissed my cheek and then he left. I was blushing still when I turned around and Jacob looked at me like damn you're already falling for him. I couldn't help it I've been falling for him for 3 years now. I just couldn't believe that Kenny Holland thinks I'm cute and pretty and shit. Then I looked at my phone and he texted me already.


Our conversation started out like this:




U: Hey



F:Nm watching a movie with Jacob and laughing. Hbu

U: Oh cool what movie and why are you laughing? :P

F: Scary Movie 4 and cause the girl just got hit. LOL :P

U:Oh ok. Can I tell you something important.


U:Is it crazy to say that I think I'm falling for you already and I just met you and got to hear your story in person for the first time and I just cant stop thinking about you.

F: No its not because I keep thinking about you and I cant stop cause you're just so damn adorable and cute that you're stuck in my head. LOL

U:LOL thanks and you're just so damn pretty that I think my mind is poisoned by you're beauty.

F: Damn that was really deep. I love you Kenny.


F:Well I need to go take a shower so I'll text you in the morning.

U: Ok cutie. I'm gonna change you're name to cutie instead.

F:Ok then I'm gonna change you're name to hottie instead.

U:Ok then I'll text you in the morning.

F:Ok hottie. good night

U:Ok cutie. Gn :P


I was all smiles after we said goodnight to each other. I just couldn't stop. I kept on smiling and Jacob came in asking why I was all smiles and I said for no reason. I think he knows why I am. LOL he has to know he's my brother he will figure it out sooner or later. He will believe me he will or not and he'll just ask me.















What will happen with me and Kenny now??


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