LifeLine (Kenny Holland Fanfic)

Jacob Whitesides sister Sirena always gets bullied at school. The guy that helps her through everything is Kenny Holland.

Read to find out more.


6. Telling the Truth

     Now since my brother found out that me and Kenny are kind of dating now. He just keeps on acting like he doesn't but  I really feel like he does. I just need to tell Jacob already but I cant right now. I'm to upset and afraid that he will not let it slide. I'm just scared. So, as I ran into Kenny's house he hugged me and didn't let go but kept asking what was wrong.


"What's wrong babe?" Kenny asked me.


"I think Jacob knows about us on the internet!! I'm scared Kenny." I answered not finishing.


"It's ok just calm down. We will figure this out and we can tell him. He needs to know the truth. So, that I can come to your house and we can actually hang there like normal boyfriend and girlfriends do together. sirena its ok we don't need to tell him today." Kenny stated as he kissed my forehead and hugged me tighter.


"Ok but what about tonight. Can I stay here. Just call my best friend and tell her that if Jacob calls her I'm sleeping at her house and tell him that I'll be home tomorrow after noon cause we are going to a concert for something important. Please Kenny I need to stay here with you and I want to tell Jacob tomorrow not tonight or today or anything right now. Just do it for me babe!!" I exclaimed.


"Ok fine but we cant keep doing this. We need to tell him tomorrow and tell almost everyone in the studio and managers that we are so that they know the real story and not the fake one on the internet. as they may think its fake but some of its real. Most is not. But deal. I just have to go call Amber. Ok I'll be right back." Kenny hugged me and walked away to call Amber and tell her what to say to Jacob if he calls her.


Now since I'm staying at Kenny's house I have at least 2 outfits here. But I'm gonna sleep in his clothes. so, I ran upstairs and took a oversized t-shirt and put my stretchy booty shorts on. He than walked back in the room and I walked downstairs and he was just staring at me. All I did was blush and smile at him. He than came up to me and said:

"Is this all for me. Oh wait I guess so since I'm your daddy!!" He bit his lip.

"Oh ok I mean I guess your my daddy. But are you my big daddy!!" I exclaimed as he lifted me and brought me to the bedroom and laughed.

Kenny just looked at me up and down and took my shorts off. He just wanted to have a good night I guess since he stripped and only left his boxers and basketball shorts on. I was ready for tonight. But yet I just wanted the comfort of my boyfriend by my side since I'm really upset. I was just really happy for this tonight with just me and Kenny.


"Well I mean ladies first." Kenny said as he pointed to his bed. I crawled onto the opposite side that he was on. He then climbed in next to me and he was really happy cause he smiled and just started to kiss me. I kissed back obviously. But I think I wants tonight to be all sexual since he said that he's my daddy and I kind of admitted to it before and I mean he is daddy if we have sex soon. I fucking love Kenny. I don't know where I would be if his music and vies and all that shit weren't online and I didn't see them. because He has really helped me.






Maybe I should give Kenny a little bit of a thank you present since I want to say thank you for having him saving my life for more than 6 years. Lmao even though it's not really funny!! But I really do love Kenny a lot. I just can't think of what I should give him. I'm gonna give him a bj I think.






It's happening soon.




What will I do for Kenny tonight??















Author's Note


Sorry guys my ipod touch isn't working so I haven't been on lately. I love you all for reading. If you want to be in this story just comment on the wall for this story.



Shy Gurl <3


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