LifeLine (Kenny Holland Fanfic)

Jacob Whitesides sister Sirena always gets bullied at school. The guy that helps her through everything is Kenny Holland.

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2. Me & Jacob Day

Me and Jacob were starting to talk again and I started to tell him everything. I told him who was bullying me and what they were saying.

"What's the worst they have ever said to u?" Jacob questioned.

"Go die, you don't belong here." I explained." The worst they ever said was you only have Jacobs last name cause when u were homeless he felt bad for I so he took u in and changed ur last name." I cried out.

"OMG who said that to u?" He asked.

"Jasmine, Jasmine Vargas." I chocked out.

"We're going to school right now!!" He exclaimed and grabbed me and his keys and we left to go to school.

We arrived at the high school and we were welcomed by security guards until they noticed who was at the door. They let us in and one stayed by the door and one with us. We went to the office and asked the secretary if she knew where Jasmine Vargas was.

"Jacob and Sirena Whitesides right??" The secretary asked

"Yeah can u please let us know what class she's in rn??" Jacob explained.

"She's in English room 2-10." She answered

"Thank You very much!" He exclaimed and we went to that classroom.

We were going to go in but the security guard went in first and then we went in. All of the girls stood up until they saw me but they just took pictures of Jacob.

"Can I speak to Jasmine Vargas about something?" He questioned Mr.Harley.

"Yes sure is everything ok." Mr.Harley asked.

"Yeah it's just something that's been happening for a while." Jacob answered.

"No I'm not asking u to date me." Jacob said looking at her.

"What do u want??" Jasmine explained.

"Why are u picking on Sirena? What is your problem with bullying my sister?" He asked her.

"She's not ur sister and because it's funny to see er hurt and cry." She laughed and joked.

"A good old laugh now tell me the real reason." Jacob explained.

"Well my friends and I bully her because everybody likes her cause ur her brother. It's not fair. She gets all of these friends all the time and all of the new friends and I get nobody." She explained looking Jacob straight into his eyes.

"Can I tell u the truth??" Jacob said.

She nodded.

"Nobody really wants to be her friend. She doesn't have many friends the most she has is 2-4 best friends that's it. That's all because of you and ur friends bullying her and telling everybody lies. So nobody likes her. The way u think of it is her brothers famous so she had all of these fans that are her friends. And all of these famous people are her friends. But u know what she has to stay home because of how much u bully her ad tell people in this school stupid shit. So nobody wants to be her friend at all. I'm just stating the truth." Jacob explained.

"OMG I'm so not sorry u don't belong here anyways." She said all serious towards me.

"Ok well then I can just do this." Jacob said walking into the class room with tee security guard.

"Mr.Harley u will not be having Jasmine Vargas in your class anymore. She's suspended for 1 month. So u will have to have somebody bring her homework and tests to her home for her to do." The security guard just said.

"Ok well let her grab her things and she may leave." Mr.Harley said.

"Have fun being home all the time for 2 month. With nobody aloud at ur house." I said as she walked to the police car and was escorted to her house.

Well me and Jacob were walking to the car and I hugged him before we got in to the car.

"Thank You for doing that Jacob so love you!!" I exclaimed and he hugged me back.

"No problem your my sister I have to do that its my job as your big brother." I looked at my eyes and he hugged me.

As we were in the car driving home he held my hand the whole time. But then he told me something that I just couldn't believe.

"Sirena I got u something and it's a person and they are waiting for u at the house. Idk if they are there yet but they heard ur voice of you singing and doing vines and they want to give u and opportunity to go on tour. But u will find out who's there ok." Jacob said when we were at a red light. I went over the radio and I hugged him and kissed his cheek.

"OMG I love u so much Jacob. Thank you thank you thank you." I yelled in excitement but nervously too.

What will happen when we arrive at our house??

Read to find out more.

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