LifeLine (Kenny Holland Fanfic)

Jacob Whitesides sister Sirena always gets bullied at school. The guy that helps her through everything is Kenny Holland.

Read to find out more.


5. Jacob is all questions? :P

                 Me and Jacob were sitting right next to each other on the couch watching a movie when all of a sudden my phone started ringing and it said Unicorn. So I ended the call and said I'll text u later spending time with my brother. Then he called me again. I couldn't ignore it. It had to be important since he kept trying to call me. So I got up and I slide the answer button across to answer it.


"hello??" I questioned.

"hey I have a question and it's kind of important?"

"yeah what is it?"

"Can u come over right now cause all these things with us are online and I'm wondering why I mean I don't care b ut what will you're brother think! I think you need to come over right now."

"Ok I'll be there as soon as possible. I'll just say we have to go over the song lyrics we did today."

"Ok babe. lol"

"Ok Unicorn."

"Hurry up Fluffy!!"

"I'm coming now."







"Jacob I have to go by Kenny and go over the lyrics we wrote yesterday.I'll be home soon."

"Ok be careful with your boyfriend."

"Ok. Wait what?"

Jacob knew everything and he saw the stuff online already. Damn I'm screwed. What's going to happen now. He knows and I know and Kenny knows too. Damn what is going to happen. I need to get by him as soon as possible.








What's going to happen now??

OMG I'm so scared.


I got to Kenny's house and I ran into the house crying and telling Kenny that Jacob knows already and saw everything and that I'm afraid that he thinks that its all true.



What if he does?

What will he do?

I'm gonna die if he does think that it's all true.


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