LifeLine (Kenny Holland Fanfic)

Jacob Whitesides sister Sirena always gets bullied at school. The guy that helps her through everything is Kenny Holland.

Read to find out more.


1. Intro

hi my name is Sirena Whitesides. Yes I am Jacob Whiteside sister. But that doesn't mean that I'm famous just like him.he loves me just as much ass he loves his fans believe me. But the only thing that nobody knows about me is that I get bullied a lot.

Jacob doesn't know that I get bullied because he's never home or he's always with his girlfriend or something. I love my brother you don't get me wrong but what he's always with her I feel like I'm always left out because I never get to see him or tell him anything anymore. So Jacob is coming home today and i can't wait to see him and hug him and tell him everything.

But but since he's never home I have somebody else that I look at it and listen to look up to. His name is Kenny Holland he's help me through everything he's my life saver. Yes I see my brother on FaceTime all the time when he can FaceTime. But I never get to talk to him face to face anymore.

So Kenny Holland is my lifesaver and my idol. Even though yes I've never met him yes I have never seen him in concert. But he knows me and he understands what his fans are going through cause it has happened to him.

I'm just so upset I haven't seen my brother Jacob in forever. He's either on tour with his girlfriend in the studio or at interviews. I just need to have my brother here so I can tell him everything and just have brother sister bonding sessions. Well Jacob was coming home today and I couldn't wait.

I mean that must be Jacob now.

I ran down to the bottom of the stairs and wen he walked through the door I waited for the door to close and he was standing by himself. So I ran to him and I ran into his arms. He hugged me back and held me underneath my butt. I was so happy to see Jacob. But I can't even do anything with him cause his girlfriend is always here.

"Hey Jacob can I talk to u alone. It's important." I asked.

"Yeah." Jacob stood there waiting.

"Alone. It's just something I have to tell u that nobody knows besides me. It's nothing against u Bea it's just a family thing and I need to tell my brother." I explained.

"Ok." Jacob replied.

So we went to my room and sat on my bed. I had to tell him what I've been doing to myself.

"Jacob u have to promise me that u will not tell anyone or anything." I said.

"I won't I can't be that ba................" Jacob answered but before he could finish I showed him my thighs and my wrists that I cut up.

"Jacob I tried not to do it but I couldn't stop myself. I had to do something and ur never here to comfort me so I do this and I feel relieved afterwards." I cried

"Sirena it's ok. Just promise me that u won't do it again." Jacob said and I nodded my head as I cried and he pulled me into a hug.

I was so happy to have my brother back from tour.

"Jacob this is all from the bullying. They text me saying ur stupid u don't belong here ur so different from everybody else u r so ugly. U only have Jacobs last name because his family took u on when u were homeless and u got there last name. So why don't u just go die and take ur old name back." I explained.

"Sirena it's ok I'm gonna cut off everything my sessions at tee studio my girlfriend my tour my everything. I need to spend time with u. I have to know everything so that this doesn't happen again. Ok sis." I nodded and cried and e pulled me into another warm hug.

"Jacob u don't have to do that." I said.

"No I don't but I feel I need to and I'm gonna do it so stop trying to stop me from doing it." Jacob said looking right at my face. "I love u Sirena and I need to have more time with u and I need to know everything so that nothing ever happens to u ever again."

Keep reading to find out how Jacob helps his sister and if Sirena meets Kenny.

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