LifeLine (Kenny Holland Fanfic)

Jacob Whitesides sister Sirena always gets bullied at school. The guy that helps her through everything is Kenny Holland.

Read to find out more.


4. First Writing Session :P

   Today me and Kenny were meeting up with the producers and each other to write a duet for us to sing together. Since we both like writing songs about real life things. we decided to write a song about falling in love. We were kind of prepared for this all to happen. He made the beat and I just started to sing into the microphone anything that came to mind and the mic caught everything I sang into it.

Then Kenny started to sing.


"I'm slowly breaking.

Im slowly showing what I feel

Im showing you everything that I couldn't before."


Well I mean you'll find out the rest in the next chapter.

 But then me and Kenny hugged and we kissed each other on the cheek. Then I wished in his ear. I think I'm falling for you. He said the same to me and I got into the car with Jacob nad Kenny got into his car and stared at me as he started his car.


Then Jacob was wondering what was going on between us.





What will Jacob ask me??

What will he think about us dating or maybe not dating??
What is going to happen with us??

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