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3. 6/12/16

Hello, guys! The Yeti here! Let's get into the daily news!

First up is the world news. Our first story of the day takes us to Orlando, Florida, United States. There was a shooting at an Orlando nightclub that killed 50. It is the deadliest mass shooting in US history, say officials. The president Barack Obama says that "this was an act of terror and hate." More news of it is coming soon.

Onto our second story in world news. The Euro 2016 may be prohibit Russia and England from playing if the fan violence continues. The "totally unacceptable" and violent scenes on Saturday has caused this. According to Uefa and BBC news, "Charges against Russia are for crowd disturbances, racist behaviour, and setting off fireworks." More news of this coming soon.

Our third and final story brings us Dubai, India, where the fast and expensive cars are becoming even more popular, even after the police do not want them to. According to BBC, "Speed-seekers in Dubai have been found using the...long, straight highways to hold illegal races, reaching speeds of 200mph." But thankfully, the police are not taking any more of this. They have allegedly taken 81 vehicles that have been racing, and fining the drivers for 100,000 dirham (which is $27,000 or £19,000) and the owners 50,000 dirham ($13,500 or £14,500). This concludes our world news.


The author of the day....is.................................Rose!

The newest three movellas are "Lone Wolf" by Nialler😍😘, "What Would They Say" by Leigh Taylor, and "The Prank" by clarity_. Check them out, they are A-MAZ-ING!!!

The movella of the day is "Forgive Us Our Trespasses" by Stolt!

Have a good day! This is The Yeti, signing off!


(sources: bbc.com, cnn.com, nbc.com, movellas.com)

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