Hey Everyone,
I must admit that it's a Liam Payne fanfic.
The other boys will appear too don't worry!

It's about a girl Alice, and her friends.
One day they get the news that One Direction is giving a concert pretty soon!
And wonder by wonder Alice bumps into Liam Payne. They fall in love, but it's not always what it seems.
They face a lot of challenges. Will their growing love be strong enough? Find out now!
If you are ready for some action and amazing plot twists! read this!


3. Chapter 3

It was getting dark pretty fast, so we decided  to go to a little restaurant for some food. When we were all set, I was sitting next to Zayn and Louis, the waitress came to us and asked what we wanted to drink. Everyone ordered beer or wine, which made the evening a little more interesting. W joked around and made such a noise that the same waitress came up to our table and had to tell us to be quiet. Time flew by and before we knew it, we had to catch our train back home. I looked at the clock and we had a train in 20 minutes. By the thought of leaving the boys and never seeing them again, I became a little sad and emotional. Niall was the first to notice.  He reached across the table and took my hand in his.  All the guys looked at him and Harry asked “What’s going on mate?” Niall didn’t answer his question, stood up and walked right up to me. “Hey Alice what’s wrong, why are you so down, you’re way more beautiful when you smile.” We got everyone’s full attention. Liam was about to get up when Niall looked at him and said “Don’t worry lad I’m on it.”

“I’m so sorry, I couldn’t help it. It must be the wine.” I laughed it off.  “ Well that and I saw that we only have 20 minutes left. You guys are so amazing! No wonder everyone loves you guys.” I smiled. “It’s just sad that this day is over…” I admitted and wiped away the one tear that had escaped and was now rolling down my cheek. Niall gave me a big hug. All the Lads were touched and sat there in silence, watching Niall giving me a hug and patting my back.

“I don’t want to leave” Skye said looking at me. “Me neither” Jasmin admitted.” Harry got up and said “C’mon guys I want a major group hug.”  Everyone started to laugh at Harry’s sweet request.  We had the best group hug in the history of group hugs. Even The Guinness Book of Records cannot deny that. We split the bill and went to the station.

Our train was waiting for us but we had still 10 minutes to say goodbye. Louis came to me, hugged me and said: “You are one of the sweetest and funniest girls I’ve ever met! I hope I’ll see you soon and I’m sure we will. Thank you for today it was great.” That actually touched me because you know Louis… The next one to hug me was Niall. “Hey cupcake, I’m going to miss you! I know I will. This day is one I’ll always remember. We met some special girls today and I think Liam fancies you. You didn’t get that from me.” He released me from his hug and winked when he walked away.

Harry almost jumped into my arms and I nearly fell over. “Goodbye Alice. I’ll always remember you. This day was just awesome. We need to do that again sometimes! But in London so we can show you guys around the city.” He hugged me tight. When he wanted to walk away, he turned back around. “Oh and thanks for introducing me to Daisy, she’s wonderful.” He whispered and wandered off to Skye.

I was watching Harry walk away when somebody covered my eyes. “Take a guess” a voice deep said. “Niall!” I shouted. I turned around and faced Zayn. “Oh well what a disappointment I’m feeling right now.” I said and winked. Of course I knew it was Zayn and he knows I know. He gave me a sweet hug. He may look rough but he is really nice and a fun guy. I like him, we could become best friends! Well maybe, if we ever see the boys again. “We are gonna see each other again soon, I promise.” Zayn said while cupping my face in is hands. I looked at his many tattoos and was stunned. I traced one of them with my fingers and smiled. “I hope so, the sooner the better!” I said while looking in his eyes. I pulled him into one last hug. “I promise!” He whispered. “And tell Jasmine that I like her, do you think she likes me to ?” I chuckled and he joined me. “I’m sure about that! I’ll tell her don’t worry.” I backed up a little and winked at him. He gave me a massive overacted wink back and walked away laughing.

Liam was the last one to say goodbye. He was standing on his own with his hands in his pockets, staring at his shoes. He looked up at me with a frown. I ran to him and he picked me up. He spinned me around. I started to giggle and he put me down. “I’m going to miss you Alice.” He whispered. He gave me a tight hug. His hugs are so perfect, just like he is. He looked at me and his eyes were tearing up. “Hey, what’s wrong Liam?” I whispered. I laid my hand on his chest. He looked at my hand and smiled slightly.

Oh how I love that smile. I don’t want to miss that smile, those eyes, his warm perfect hugs. I didn’t want to miss him. I felt like I was struck by lightning, totally paralyzed. I shouldn’t be! He is a popstar and I am just a face in the crowd. A little grain of sand in the dessert. A drop of water in the sea. My thoughts made me sad. He released me from his hug and smiled at me “Baby don’t cry, I’m still here.” I smiled at him and hugged him tight. “I know but you won’t be in 5 minutes”

He took my face in his hands and said “I will always be with you. In thoughts, in dreams, in little things… I will never forget you. Promise! And I’m coming over as soon as I can.” I sniffed and he smiled at my sniffs. We both started to laugh. I buried my cheek in his palm. He pulled me even closer. My head on his chest. My hands grasping his T-shirt tightly. His palm still comforting my cheek and his lips on my hair. I opened my eyes and saw the girls hugging one of the boys in almost the same way Liam and I were standing here. “They all look so cute” Liam said. “You must’ve read my mind” I said poking his rib. “Yes I did, I’m a wizard.” He said with a serious face. I giggled and said “Well, what am I thinking right now?” He smiled cheeky “I honestly don’t know, you have to pay me  first.” I tried to poke him again.

He grabbed my wrist, pulled me closer and kissed me. I felt so safe. It felt like coming home, like nothing has ever been different, like this is all I ever knew. His lips were so soft. I kissed him back and laid my hands on his arms to keep me steady while his hands were placed om my hips. It was the best feeling I’ve ever had in my entire life. I don’t know how long we exactly kissed but it seemed like ages. I felt nothing else but our lips connecting and disconnecting. I didn’t care about anything else. I didn’t even bother to think about something. But then he ended the kiss. I slowly opened my eyes and saw Liam staring at me with those lights in his eyes and a slight smile on his lips. “I really like you Alice.” He whispered.

I gave him one last kiss on his cheek and hopped on the train. There wasn’t much place left, but we found 2 seats next to each other. I looked through the window but the lads were gone. A tear rolled down my cheek once again, but I couldn’t stop smiling by the thought of Liam and our kiss. Skye laid her head on my shoulder and comforted me. She wasn’t really good at it cause she started to cry as well, soon everyone was. We looked at each other and started to laugh. “Look at us, so pathetic!” Violet said laughing. All the other people in the train stared at us, but we didn’t mind. The train was about to leave and I felt miserable but amazing.



“Liam! Man up mate” Niall said and gave him a hug. “It’ll be alright, she won’t forget you and I know she’ll wait for you to come back.” Harry started to sniff :“Liam, you’re not the only one who misses his girl. I don’t get how I fell that easily.” Liam hugged Harry. “Lads! I have an idea! The train is still here, what if we hop on and surprise them.” Louis said. Louis hadn’t properly finished his sentence or Liam, Harry and Niall were already on the train. “Great idea Louis.” Zayn said. The whistle whistled and the doors started to close. Zayn and Louis ran as fast as they could and hopped on the train. Right in time.

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