Hey Everyone,
I must admit that it's a Liam Payne fanfic.
The other boys will appear too don't worry!

It's about a girl Alice, and her friends.
One day they get the news that One Direction is giving a concert pretty soon!
And wonder by wonder Alice bumps into Liam Payne. They fall in love, but it's not always what it seems.
They face a lot of challenges. Will their growing love be strong enough? Find out now!
If you are ready for some action and amazing plot twists! read this!


2. Chapter 2

We all looked at each other. We all knew we would never have the chance to meet them or just say hi. “Guys, what if we started to sing some songs and dance! Maybe then they will notice us, I’m tired of being at the sideline were nobody cares and nobody sees you!” I said. All of the girls agreed and we jumped on our bench again. We started with One Way Or Another. It fitted our situation, kinda. Every one of us had his own part to sing. I did Liam’s lines, Violet did Louis’, Jasmin did Zayn’s, Skye did Niall’s and Daisy did Harry’s. We sounded great and we didn’t stay unnoticed.

We had a playlist with all kind of songs, Pop, Rock, R&B and One Direction. We sang and danced, we had fun as usual. Zayn noticed us and poked Harry. They both looked at us and started smiling. I was too shy to look at them. The next thing I know was that we heard the boys sing along with us. What just happend!? It really worked. Some girls didn’t liked the idea of us singing and dancing because we were stealing the boys attention. Okay I get it, but I was tired of standing alone and unnoticed. This was our moment and nobody was going to take it away from us.

When the song was ended the boys started to applaud for us. We hugged each other. “Encore! Encore! Encore!” a deep voice said. It was Harry! The boys followed his lead and were all cheering for us. I couldn’t believe what was going on. Did the universe just turn around? I was really nervous and started blushing. Why now?

Violet, who was standing next to me, softly pulled my sleeve and smiled at me like only she can. “You did it” she said. “What did I do? I don’t get this …”I barely knew what to say. “We’re not -“ our conversation got interrupted. “You did a great job lasses!  What are your names?” Louis asked us. I looked wide-eyed at Violet. “This is what you’ve done” Violet whispered. “Hi I’m Jasmine, and this are Skye, Daisy, Violet and Alice.” Jasmine said. She was always the first to say something when we didn’t  have the nerve to say a word, like just now.

“Hey would you mind if we sing along with you guys ? I think it would be kind of fun.” Niall asked. Omg that accent! I heard it before on the internet and in songs but this was totally different. I got myself together and said “No we don’t mind at all, please join us !” Liam was the first to respond with that everlasting smile on his face. “Alright let’s do this”. The boys climbed on the small bench behind us, and I have to say, we were quiet close at that moment. They were taller than us so that wasn’t a problem anyway. “Wait before we start to sing, are we standing in the right place ?” Liam said. Zayn and Harry nodded. “Play that music” Niall shouted. Our first song was Midnight Memories, a great one to start. We had the best time of our lives with the boys and they seemed  to enjoy our company as well. Little did we know. We were constantly making jokes and we talked a lot while the other were singing. It was fun, until it was your turn and everyone was giggling and talking.

Liam was standing behind me  because I sing his lines. But I have the feeling that’s not the only reason. We had a great time. There really was a spark. He is just such a great guy, we could be great friends. But I knew it wouldn’t last. It would be just for fun and after today they would be going on with their lives and we with ours. So I decided to enjoy it as long as it lasts.

When Half a Heart came on and it was our turn, he grabbed my waist and pulled me closer to him than I already was. We rocked back and forth on the rhythm of the music. Suddenly all my attention was caught by his arms and his hands. They are so strong and powerful, yet so sweet and caring. I was lost in the moment. Liam laid his chin on top of my head. At that point I saw all the guys pulling the girls closer. I felt safe and warm. He calmed me down in the middle of a raging crowd. I guess he didn’t care that anyone could see. You could tell that he enjoyed it too. He slowly ran his thumb over my arm and I got goose bumps. He brought his lips to my ears and whispered. “I’ve got goose bumps too.” Which made it only worse. He noticed and chuckled.

When the song was over he gave me a tight hug. I don’t know what it was but it felt right. It never felt so right.  Okay, time to wake up from this daydream, although it wasn’t a dream. I had been in my own world  with Liam for a few minutes. Let’s see what the other girls are up to. I looked at Jasmine and she was having a great time with Zayn. They sang and danced and just had fun. Harry and Daisy were flirting while and when they were not singing. Skye was talking to Niall  about  food,  what else. When it was their turn to sing, they were often too late to start  because they were still talking, but mostly smiling at each other. It was quiet next to me, sometimes they burst into laughter. Louis and Violet were making faces at each other. Liam was still holding me, I didn’t mind, I liked it.

That’s the point I realized again there were hundreds of fans around us. All eyes were on me and Liam because he was still holding me. I didn’t know what to do I started to feel really nervous. I turned around to face Liam and all the fans went crazy. I probably made a weird face because Liam started to Laugh. “You’re not used to this, I understand but your face was hilarious” he teased me. I just smiled because that was the only thing I could do at that moment. Liam was still holding me, pulling me really close. I could feel his breath, his raging heartbeat and his smell was overwhelming. His lips were almost toughing my forehead. I looked up and he smiled at me. That only wanted to make me kiss him even more. My hands laid on his chest and I could feel him breath in really deep. I was in a loss for words and his lips were almost hoovering above mine. I could really feel the tension building between us. The tip of his nose touched mine.

I panicked and pulled back. I quickly said something useless to clear the awkward air between us. “ I’m not used to this at all. I feel a little awkward with all these eyes on us.” His eyes were soft, just like his arms who were still lying on my waist. “You’ll get used to it.” he said with the sweetest voice I’ve ever heard. I started to blush. I guess he noticed because he gave me a warm long hug and whispered “You’re so cute when you blush.”


I began to like it. I wasn't at the sideline anymore.

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