Hey Everyone,
I must admit that it's a Liam Payne fanfic.
The other boys will appear too don't worry!

It's about a girl Alice, and her friends.
One day they get the news that One Direction is giving a concert pretty soon!
And wonder by wonder Alice bumps into Liam Payne. They fall in love, but it's not always what it seems.
They face a lot of challenges. Will their growing love be strong enough? Find out now!
If you are ready for some action and amazing plot twists! read this!


1. Chapter 1

It’s Monday, again … I was heading to school as usual. I was sitting in the bus feeling even more tired than any other Monday morning. At least I had all my One Direction albums on repeat to make me feel a little better.

I was deep in thoughts when my phone vibrated and startled me. It was one of my best friends Skye. What I just read made my whole Monday morning experience way better. She has to be kidding me right? She’s just fooling me? The whole bus ride to school took ages! And whilst the driver did his best to drive as slow as possible… I kept on denying the content of Sky’s text.

The bus driver dropped the whole load of kids in front of our school building and guess what… no one seemed to notice that I was in a major hurry. Or maybe they did and they wanted to annoy me by standing in my way. Every single one of them. When I finally got through those annoying kids, I directly ran towards Skye. "This isn't real! This isn't happening!" I yelled. Skye hugged me like a crazy person and squeezed all of the air out of my lungs. We were talking for a while when Daisy stormed towards us. "Have you heard!? One Direction is coming!" She practically yelled. "What!? When!?" Jasmine, who just arrived, asked excitedly. Violet had heard our conversation on the way through the hallway "Nobody knows." She said.

The bell rang and we slowly went to the classroom. I couldn't concentrate on any of the classes and I time wasn’t working in my favour either. When this Monday finally ended I went home to search for more information about the upcoming concert.

Me and the girls were quite good at singing. We sometimes went to the city to sing and dance to get some money so we could buy cool stuff. We did a great job actually, the people liked us and by the end of the day we all had enough money for a Starbucks… saving is a slow progress.

It had been a while since we got to the city and by the end of the week we all decided that it would be a great idea to go this weekend. Saturday Morning we arrived at our usual spot. We started to sing. We don’t pic the songs before we start. We just take an empty bag, put all our iPods in and one of the girls takes an iPod out of the bag. When we arrive at our spot, we plug in the chosen iPod and put it on shuffle. And that’s the way we roll.

A lot of people liked us so by noon we already got a decent amount of money. We headed down to the nearest Starbucks coffee shop and ordered our usual coffee and ate our sandwiches there. They know us already so it’s okay by them. One of the employees, her name is Wendy, came to us and stared a conversation. She asked us where we’ve been because it had been a while.  When we finally finished our lunch, we decided to move back to our spot. Suddenly it was overcrowded. I'd never seen so many teenage girls in one place together. We climbed on our bench, yes we have a private bench, and barely saw what was going on. We didn’t see wat was going on until Violet screamed. “One Direction!” We tried to get their attention, we jumped up and down, we screamed their names but it was useless. Reaching them was impossible. And there we were. Forever doomed to stay at the sideline.

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