The king of beasts has finally found his queen, but she is the queen of revenge and wants nothing to do with love. Join Kyoya Tategami on his journey to get the girl he loves. This is also from quotev and wattpad! Just its slightly different.


1. Songs of Despair

(Shayla's Pov)

I'm walking down the street with my hands shoved into my pockets, listening to some of my favorite songs. That's when our song came on...The song we claimed was ours... Till he left and didn't bother to even telling me... I sung along to the lyrics softly. We would duet the song Titanium, Kyoya and I.

After that song was over I had a surge of anger swell up inside me. I punch a cement wall and dent it. Then my anger slowly starts to melt away. I walk to the warehouse, the one that use to be Kyoya's but now it's mine. All the guys were inside watching TV. I decided to go for a swim instead of talking to the guys. "Sometimes there just a pain." I think. I take my combat boots off and take my hair out of its braids. The sand is soft under my feet and for once I don't mind the feeling of it between my toe's. I head toward the shimmering water, walking in about ankle deep. I sigh. Only if Kyoya could be here too. We did these things normally but would never admit it, we'd probably rather die. Yea I guess I liked Kyoya more than a friend but I know he doesn't feel the same way about me. I start to head deeper into the water and when I finally got knee deep in the water, I dove into it and swam my problems away. My stress and worries just disappeared. I realized I had to go back sometime but I didn't want to, I wanted to stay and never have any worries. But unfortunately I have responsibility's, and by responsibility's I mean the guys. I sweatdrop. There a handful sometimes but there still like family to me. "Hmmm?" I think out loud. "Now to ask the guys why Kyoya left." I totally forgot to ask them. I hear a chuckle and whip my head to look at a boy with green hair and a devilish smirk planted on his face. "So, you missed me?" He taunted. I give him my HOW-LONG-HAVE-YOU-BEEN-STANDING-THERE glare. And his smirk just grows. "Enough that I no you missed me." He simply stated. I was getting annoyed bye this boy, he felt familiar almost...NO...it cant be him..."Kyoya?" I ask uncertain? He fake pouts, "Oh now you remember me!" He half says half shouts. He looked different, he even sounded different. His voice was more harsh...more cruel...and more hard. He didn't have that same gleam in his eyes either, his eyes were wild and crazy , they looked merciless... Not what I use to see... a bit of kindness and concern maybe even a little... love. Kyoya cocks his head and smiles wickedly. It looked like he was going to have a laughing fit... and that cant be good. "Kyoya why did you leave without telling me?" "Had a training program. It was a little ways from here." That was his answer! I felt anger start to build up inside of me. I'm pretty sure he could tell too, because all of the sudden he was smirking from ear to ear. "Still got that bad temper? Huh shay?" He snickers. I smirk, "I can say the same for you too, Kyoya." I say. He slightly scowls and looks away. I chuckle which makes him even more angry. He looks up at me and his expression softens. "I-Im...sorry." He say gritting his teeth. Obviously he hates to say sorry. I mentally snicker. then turn to him, I smile. He starts to crack up laughing. "I got you good!" He yelled while having a laughing fit. I pout. "Not cool Kyoya, not cool." I go over to him and playfully punch him. He pretends it hurts and I sweatdrop.

Third person POV)

"Hey why don't we head down to this great new café I found?" Kyoya asks Shayla. She smiles. "Sure why not!" Kyoya told her it was past the B-pit and that he would he there soon. "I just got to go to the bathroom." "Ok." When she is totally out of sight. The young green haired teen makes the most insane smile and picks up his phone. It rings several times. "Hello?" A deeper more older voice says. "It's me Doji, and we're almost there." The man Kyoya calls Doji slightly chuckles a small emotionless chuckle. Then says, "Perfect. Do what you need to get here, I don't care when you get here just as long as she's with you." Then he hangs up. "Kyoya!" Shayla calls. He smirks and replies, "Im here coming now, Shay!" The two teenagers meet up and disappear behind the B-pit.

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