The king of beasts has finally found his queen, but she is the queen of revenge and wants nothing to do with love. Join Kyoya Tategami on his journey to get the girl he loves. This is also from quotev and wattpad! Just its slightly different.


2. Now Your Here


"Hey Kyoya? Are we almost there?" "Only a few more minutes." He replies. Kyoya's phone rings. "Sorry I got to take this." Shayla frowns "Ok."
"Hey I need you to-" "Yes I know make a café." Doji interrupts. "Were already on that, im sending a couple of my men to 'distract' you guys." Shayla yells, "HEY! WHAT THE HECK DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING! GET YOUR HANDS OFF ME!" Kyoya smirks. "Sorry Doji, that's my cue." He hangs up and starts to run towards Shay. "Shayla im coming!" He yells. Shayla grits her teeth and elbows one of the guys holding her. He grunts and lets go. She ducks does a high kick that hits another guy in the face, then backflips over the rest. She smirks. "You guys aren't even on my level!" Kyoya finally reaches Shay and he grits his teeth. He glares telling them to keep stalling. "That was just a warm up, princess. Now let the real fight begin." Shay cockily smiles. "Ok, come at me boys!" One of the guys lung at her, she ninja rolls out of the way and sidekicks him in the gut. 


(Shayla's POV)


"Why the heck isn't Kyoya being attacked?!" I think. And right on cue 5 more guys come out and start to attack Kyoya. He growls. "Do you even know who your dealing with?" He smirks. "Fine. Have it your way." Kyoya dodges all the guys punches and kicks. He hasn't even thrown a punch yet...what is he up to? Then Kyoya backflips out of the crowd of dudes (I really had no idea he could do that) and then beats the crap out of the guys. He looks over at me and yells, "Shay im coming!" Which totally catches me off guard and I get a pretty darn hard hit to the head. Everything gets cloudy and im struggling to keep consciousness. I heard Kyoya yell my name and then everything goes totally black.

Third person view)

"What the heck!?" Kyoya shouts. "You weren't suppose to knock her out! It was suppose to look like she won!" The guys shrug and Kyoya growls. "Now I have to make an excuse up explaining how the heck I got away while carrying her!" They snicker. "Its not really that hard, just say some aliens came and helped you." That was the line, Kyoya growled and his eyes narrowed. "Remember this your just Doji's puppets and im the true dark nebula 1st!" (yes in my story Kyoya beat Ryuga in a bey battle XD)  

























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