2. The woods

What are you doing? Ava, come here! Why are you running away?

Can you blame me. I am a five year old girl, who wants to discover the world. Well, our backyard that is. Me and my dumb ass older brother Ethan and my parents lived in a beautiful house. You may think; of course she thinks her own house is beautiful, but this time I'm dead serious. You can barely call it a house as it is huge. Each one of us has it's own bedroom and bathroom. We also have an huge garden. We live surrounded by very beautiful nature. Almost in the woods you could say. The smell of the trees and fresh air always made me happy and feel like home.

My brother is currently chasing me. Which I find very funny. I run farther in the woods. So far that I can't see my house anymore. I don't mind it. Eventually I will find my way back, right? After a few minutes of running I can't hear Ethan anymore. He must have returned home. Tired of chasing me.

At that moment I stop running.

I look around me and see nothing familiar. I see only trees and green. I look around and stand still to listen. 

I hear something. It sounds like a mad yawn. The owner is definitely not small. It sounds like a bear of wolf or I don't know. And at that moment I realize that I am not alone anymore. I start to run in the direction I thought I came from.

When I do so, I hear the beast following me. I get so scared, that I can't think about anything else but moving my feet.

And than, my feet is stuck and I fall right on my face. It hurt a lot but that is not what I am worried about at that moment. I try to stay down and keep quiet. 

When I hear the beast coming closer, it gets harder. Still I stay down. When the beast is right behind me I feel him sniffing me. Right now I'm so scared I'm paralyzed. 

And than, it is gone. I stand up and look around. I can't see what it was that almost attacked me. I run back to my house.

When I finally find it no one notices the change in my behavior so I just try to act normal and forget what just happened. 

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