school life


1. Last day of primery school

Nicole's P.O.V​ 

I'm on my way to school and it's so quiet I can hear the birds singing. Not for long,I mean the quietness is nice and all but my palls are waiting for me to pick them up, I hope they like the last day because it is as I said the last day I approach bens house and see him waiting.



"last day then you have like 7 weeks off" I whispered too myself as I got a shirt and tie on after all Nicole's piking me up and I don't want to look stupid. "BEN ARE YOU UP YET "my mum shouts from the bottom of the corroder "MUM I'VE BEEN UP FOR 4 HOUR'S" I then shouted my lungs out I was preparing for school after all it is the last day of school.  


"AHHH! MY LAST DAY OF SCHOOL YAY" my vocal cords mange to scream the house down "Katy shut up" my dumb brother shouts from his bed room.                                     ~2 hours later~  

Were at school now and were just watching movies. Ben and Nicole are talking really loudly!. 


"Hay Nicole your hear" I said with a big grin "hay you look fancy shirt tie" she said as I went to ask her something "it looks stupid righ-"she cut me off "no it looks perfect". We stuck there for 2 minute's talking about cloths, the only thing is it got really weird.                                    

                                       ~2 hours later~  

Me and Nicole are talking really loud in class and I think the teacher is annoyed  



                                      ~BEN'S house~ 

Me and Katy are with ben we wont see each other well me and Katy will she moved to ​Glasgow a few weeks ago. But ben I have to say bye and that will be hard I like him but just a few weeks I can be strong. "hay nic are you ok you look like your dead no motion" Katy says as I get bake to the conversation "oh me um yea I'm fine" I say as I go to ben and say bye and that he can call me and that I can't com up in summer and nether can Katy. "nicole Honie your mum is hear Katy your going with her" ben's mum said "well bye I um guess" ben said as we say bye too we all hug and go home.

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