She's a ordinary 16 years old girl who hates justin bieber but what happened when justinbieber actually falls in love with her and kisses her in public. #justinbieber


2. the meeting

Jennifers pov

I see a boy comes out from door

"Are you okay " he asked i look op at him its justin bieber!


"How could I ruined it" he asked

"I cant get ind the castle because of you"i said angry. He got ind the castle with out saying anything to me i hate him I started working back.

Justins pov

I asked kenny if I could take a girl into the castle and show her around, he said jes. i got back and open the dor and see's the girl is working away from the castle i runs over to her

"Wait! I can get you ind the castle " i said and made a big smile to her she smiles back i took her hand but she pushed it away.

We got ind to the castle and she makes a big smile to me and hugged me "tanks" she said in my ear.

I looked to her pretty brown eyes i get butterflies ind my stomach and i just wanted to kiss her because she was so beautiful.

Jennifers pov

Justin was looking at me and I started to blush.

"Okay let's go " he said and took my hand I pushed the hand away because i still didn't like him.

We went up on the top of the castle at we looked dawn and I could se all the fans i think there was about 50000 girls.

"Wow why is there so many girls"i asked

"They like me? I dont now"he answered

"Ok" i said. We was just standing and looking dawn i looked up at justins face he was looking at me the whole time.

"Wanna se somthing crazy" he asked

"Sure" i said and he worked over to the girls and looking dawn on there heads

"HI!!!!" He screamed. And they all was looking up at justin and screamed, it was amazing how loud the was screaming only because of him.

I workt over to him and all the girls was looking at me, i saw clara and winked to her and she winked back i know she was jealous.

Justin started putting his arms around me and then the girls screamed louder and louder I pushed him away and going dawn stares if the castle.

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