She's a ordinary 16 years old girl who hates justin bieber but what happened when justinbieber actually falls in love with her and kisses her in public. #justinbieber


12. the mall

Jennifers pow

We went to the mall and got some breakfast on the way. I got a lot of stuff cause justin treats me like I'm a princess, his hair was brown and he had the most beautiful eyes I could dream about.

"Babe I think we need to get home" i said cause this was the last day we was in paris and i just wanted to talk to him about some stuff.

" okay whatever my princess wants" he said and I started to blush.

We went to the hotel and got op to our room.

" babe what's wrong" he said

" i i i think this is the last time we se each other" i said.

" wich town are you home" he said

" in los angels"

" that's great cause i allso live in los angels " i was happy I didn't know he live there i was so happy now I couldn't think of any life that could be better than this.

Justins pow

It's was getting dark and me and Jennifer was getting home to the hotel.

" it was fun " she said but she was looking sad.

" yes it was" I said and she look up at me like a little puppy with her big dark brown eyes.

" Justin you know tomorrow are we leaving Paris and we never go a se each other again" I was thinking, maybe she lives in la

" where do you live" I asked

" in la" yes I was so happy now I smiled at her but she was confused.

" I also live in la" I said and she started smilie I loved when she smilies at me.

We went both to bed and I putted my arms around her and she sleeps on my chest.

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