She's a ordinary 16 years old girl who hates justin bieber but what happened when justinbieber actually falls in love with her and kisses her in public. #justinbieber


8. the date

Jennifers pow

I'm standing outside of my hotel and i can se justin comes with his black hottie over his head.

" hey" i said

"Hi pretty " he said

"So were are we going " i said

" its a surprise " he said and took my hand and we went outside disneyland.

" why am i here justin " I said

" close your eyes " he said and took my hand and bought me somewhere.

" open your eyes " he said and I opened them I could se we was on the top of the castle it was so beautiful.

" it's so beautiful " i said and he cave me a big smile. We was sitting and talking for about 30 minutes.

" justin you know I think this might be the last time we see each other" i said

" what! Why?" He asked me

" I'm leaving tomorrow " i said and I looked over at justin he was thinking about something.

Justins pow

I didn't want her to leave me. i was first leaving in 2 days.

" you could be with me I'm staying here in 2 days longer then you" i said

" i don't know if my parents would like it and what about clara and the school and.." She said but then I interrupted her.

" i fix it " i said and she looked at me with her dark brown eyes that smelting my heart.

"Justin" she said

"Yes" i said

"Why do you do this" she said

"What do you mean" i said

"Why did you pick me I'm just a ordinary girl" she said

"You make my heart smelting and you are the most beautiful girl i ever seen" i said and she started blushing

Jennifers pow

I don't know if I'm starting to get feelings for justin cause yesterday i hated justin bieber but now I don't know.I was so confused. I looked over at clock.

"Omg its 11pm i have to go" i said but then justin puts his hands on my waist .

" i fix it" he wispers in my ear and gave me a soft kiss on my neck and he lets go of me and i run home.

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