She's a ordinary 16 years old girl who hates justin bieber but what happened when justinbieber actually falls in love with her and kisses her in public. #justinbieber


17. school




jennifers pow


i woke up and took some clothes on, omg this was the day i had to go to school i did`t wanted to go cause i know i would get so many questions about justin.

i went to the kitchen and wanted to make some food i looked at the clock.

"shit" it was 7:43 i quick took a appel and putted some converse on and went out.

i saw justin standing in front of the car and looked down on the floor but then when he saw me he rain over to me and hugged me so tight that i could not breath and kisses me on my lips.

"i had miss you so much that i could not sleep" he said 

"justin it was only one night" 

"but still i had miss you"he said

 i miss you too " i said and we got in the car and. when we was on the school parking places justin hold long away from the school cause he did not want any girls following him to the car. 

"are you nervous babe " he asked me

" no maybe a little " i said and looked down on the floor than he took my head with he´s hands and looked deep in my eyes.

"its okay to be nervous and i´m here with you" he said and i smiled at him and he kissed me it was a long kiss but then some girl looked at us.


and then a loth of girl was there around me and justin they all screamed a loth and taking a loth of pictures.

and then justin kisses me on the lips and the girls just screamed laughter and i was trying to get away from them but then a boy took me away from the girls, i looked at the boy it was bryden the boy i had been in love with since first school day.

"why is there so many girl around you and justin!!" he said

"cause they are fans of him" i said but i could feel that i did not get the butterflies anymore when i was around bryden 

"but why is he here" he asked

"maybe because hmm... HE IS MY BOYFRIEND! " when i said it he just looked at me with big eyes and he started to hug me i did not see that come. but then justin came.

"hey step away from my girlfriend!!" he said to bryden and bryden just looks at him with fear in his eyes and steps quick away from me and justin took his arm around me and we went in side of the school and in front of my class, he kissed me and then hugged me like i´m gona be away forever.

"se you after school babe" he wisped in my ear  and rain out from the school cause he did not wanted the girls to see him.

After school i went outside tired because all the girls just asked me a loth and i mean a loth about justin and me and they was telling me about how much they wanted to be me i really feel like im the new popular girl in school.

i saw justin in he´s with ferrari i got ind and again justin had miss me it was only 8 hours i was away but still he kisses me like i was gone in 2 years i think i really loves me we went to justins home. 




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