She's a ordinary 16 years old girl who hates justin bieber but what happened when justinbieber actually falls in love with her and kisses her in public. #justinbieber


1. paris

Im just a normal girl ind high scholl

Tomorrow me and my family going to paris with my best friend clara, And im so excited because we gona be ind disneyland but only ind one day, so i have to se every thing, i am most excited to get in the castle. we have to leave early about 4pm ind the morning. So clara is sleeping over at my house, she comes 8pm.

I am packing my suitcase, i don't need so manny things because we are only there for a weekend.

I can hear someone knocks on the front door, i run toward it and open the door, it was clara she looks at me with a big smile and i can see how excited she was.

"Hi" she said, "hi" i said i was happy she didn't was sick this time because last time I wanted her with me to italy she got sick.

We ran to my room and I closed my suitcase and i turn the tw on. My mom comes in "hi clara" she said, "hi" said clara and smiles

"Me and dad are making popcorn you want some"

"Sure" i said

After 5 minutes my mom comes with a bowl full of popcorn. Clara start eating the popcorn, i wasn't hungry so i just drink some water.

It was 12pm we went to sleep. I hear my mom saying "Girls get up get up!" And i got up clara was still sleeping i wake her up, we were getting ready now i took some black skinny jeans on and a purple tanktop on and a black hottie.

We went down ind the car and we both was so tired that we sleept the way to the airport.

Now we were at the airport we went to the check and. 11pm we was on the plane me and clara was sitting on our phones.

"Omg! Justin bieber is in paris now omg!!!" Scream clara. "What is so amazing about that kid?" I said. "He's 17 years old and hot, famous, sweet, and i love his hair and music" said clara. "And? There is many hot boys ind the world why do everybody pick justin bieber" i said. "You just don't t understand it, you are not made because i like him" said clara. " i am not mad i just don't t like him, let's talk about something else "i said

Now we are ind paris it was worm ind paris, i took my hottie of and put it in my suitcase.after 10 min we were at the hotel in disneyland. We got the keys and ran op to the room and fall ind sleep.

Next day me and clara woke early up and we took some new clothes on i took a with tanktop with a black sun on it, and some black shorts and some black sunglasses and my black converse, I brush my teeth and brush my hair and then we was standing in line to get ind disneyland.

I lookt around ind the line and there was many girlstomorrow me and my family going on holiday to paris in disneyland with my with justin bieber shirts and big signs with justin bieber on, and they was so exited. "Why is there so many fan girls here?" I asked

" I don't know!"said clara, after 15 minutes we was in disneyland i saw a big sene over at the castle and many girls around it. Clara tok a paper down and read something up

"Justin bieber is gona play a concert here ind disneyland!!!"said clara "what!!" I scream

" jennifer please don't be mad but is it okay if i go over to the big sene and take a good place because i want to see justin bieber!!" Said clara

" FINE!!" I said i was angry because now i have to try and se every thing alone clara runs to teh sene. I really wanted to see the castle so i run over to the big castle, every door i se was close but i knock on one of the door was "privat" after 30sec some big security guy come out

"What do yo want " he said angry

"I just want to come in the castle"i said

"Sorry mis today it's close" he said

"Why!!" I scream

"Because on the front of the castle there gona be a big concert " he said

"And? " i said

"And then the singer have to be ind here!!" he said angry

" please let me ind !!"i said

"Im sorry mis i cant let you ind!!!!" He said and banks the door in my face, i was so sad because i just really wanted to se the castle but no i cant because of justin bieber, i hate him so much.

I started crying and sitting on the floor whit my knees on my head.

Justins pov

I see my security man yelling at a girl the only thing i can see her dark brown hair, det security man slams the door ind her face. I go over to him " who is that you are talking with" i sad

"Just some girl who wants to come in " he said and laugh

I go over to the door and open it, i see the girl sitting next to it and crying.

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