She's a ordinary 16 years old girl who hates justin bieber but what happened when justinbieber actually falls in love with her and kisses her in public. #justinbieber


5. one less lonely girl <3

Justins pow

The girls looks at me and screams and runs after me, i took jennifers hand and runs but the girls just came closer and closer. I pushed jennifers into a bush, "stop pushing me it hurts" she said.

I placed my hands on her mouth. "Suhh.." I said.

After the girls was gone i took my hand away jennifers mouth. " i am so sorry jennifer please forgive me!" I said she looks at me with her big brown eyes and smiles at me.

"Fine I forgive you" she laughs. we got op from the bush and i took my black hottie over my head.

We got into the castle with out no problems.

"Justin i have to go back to clara and my parents" she said. I didn't want her to leave, so i gave her kiss on her cheek,

"Bye" she said and I hugged her in long time I could stand her all day it just felt so good. Jennifer pulled me away and got out of the castle. A tear fall down from eye i don't think i ever gona see her again.

I go over to a window and se jennifer over at the fountain with her parents. I se scooter " can i pick the one less lonely girl " I asked scotter.

" okay.. Who do you want to be the one less lonely girl then? " he asked me and I point over to the fauntain.

"The girl with the dark brown hair and the white tanktop" i said

" okay " he said

Jennifers pow

I got over at my parents , they was standing at the fauntain and looking over at the sene.

" hey sweetie " said my mom

"Hey" i said

" do you want to se the koncert with us" she said

"Sure" i said and the koncert started, it was great. After 30 minutes a woman comes over at me.

"Hey my name is alison and justin says that he wants you to be the one less lonely girl" she said. I looked over at my parents and they smile at me.

" okay" i said and smiles over at alison, she takes my hand and we got into the castle.

" okay you have to go up to the sene " she said

"Okay" i said. I was getting butterflies in my stomach and I could here justin started playing the song (one less lonely girl) and alison takes my hand and we got over to the sene entrace and we waited a little bit.

" are you ready " she asked me

" yes " i said. And then there was comming 2 dancers and they took my hand and now i was on the sene, it was amazing and there was so many girls and i was sitting on a chair and then justin comes and he have flowers to me and I got them and he started to hugged me and then he put his hands on my knees and turned me the other way so the only think I could se was justin singing to me "one less lonely giiiiiirrrlll jajaaaa" and then he kissed me on the lips and all the girls was screaming but the only thing I felt was justins soft lips pressed against mine.

I pulled away and i run away from the sene and outside of the castle and i was standing outside the castle and all the girls was screaming and asked me questions i was getting sick and pasted out.

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