She's a ordinary 16 years old girl who hates justin bieber but what happened when justinbieber actually falls in love with her and kisses her in public. #justinbieber


11. I'm his girl

Jennifers pow

I woke up in justins hotel room and he's arms around me, I wanted to get up but he's gripe was too strong.

" were are you going sweetheart " I hear justin say.

" to take a shower " i said and he let go of me and i went to take a shower.

After that i went on my phone looking on instagram and i see justin had put a picture of me and him kissing in the Eiffel Tower, i was angry cause I wanted this to be a secret but anyways the paparazzi already had found out of it.

I go over to justin

"Come here " he said and looked over at the side in was sleeping, i got over there and he putted his arms around my waist and i kissed him soft.

" so babe.. were do want to go today" he asked me but I really didn't know were I wanted to go.

" I don't know "

" we could go out shopping isn't that what girls like" he said and I laugh.

" yes but i dont have any money " i said

"Don't think about that I'll pay"

"No I can't let you do that"

"I do everything for my girlfriend" he said and I smiled at him it was a great feeling i got when he called me his girlfriend.

My phone started to ring and bibing, i took my phone up, i was in shock almost every girl on school had texted me hundreds time.

"Omg you are justin biebers girlfriend"

"Omg!! Can you tell him that i am a big fan"

" omg!!!!!! You are so lucky "


I gess this is like to be justins girlfriend. How many times I said it i just realized that I really was justin biebers girlfriend, why me the one that hated him and didn't know anything about him,

" hello" I heard justin sayings

" what"

"Should we get up" he said

" okay" i said and i got up and took some skinny black jeans on and a light pink tank top on and of course my convers, I brushed my hair and teeth.

" you're ready " he asked me

" yes" i said and smiles to him and he puts his arm around me.

We went to the car and got in.

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